What is digitizer

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What is digitizer

What is digitizer

what is digitizer

What is digitizer ? Digitizer is an electronic tool. It converts or digitalized hand drawn images into data which computer can access. Images are drawn on calcom drawing board drawing board with a stylus. It locates the position of the stylus and in this way the graphical information is converted into digital information, which then appears on the monitor screen.

They are used to measure and store quantities from a blue print and then it transfers it to the computer. Take off software is installed with digitizer. These take off software are purchased separately. Graphical representation depends on the software type

It is also used for drawings that exist in paper medium into a graphic or CAD. In this way old drawings are also preserved and recreated. A stylus of a digitizer acts like a mouse and the user easily copies the drawing into the existing software. The user can use vector conversion software depending on the complexity of the drawing and also depends on the user need and comfort.

It is also provided with a template sometimes also called as small format ones, this helps to select the CAD type program. Template specialized to a software program is located at the top of it. The template has specific are for specific function and the user can simply click the area with the stylus or any input device for the desired function

Sizes: The size of the footprint can be found in the specifications section of the brochure for each specific model. Small format is studies as 12″ x 12″ & 12″ x 18″. 20″ x 24″, 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 36″, 36″ x 48″ ,44″ x 60″ are large size ones. The small format are used by the engineers and graphic artists, but most large format ones are used by Estimators and GIS.

Software – All of them are provided with quick ruler or some type of desktop software to operate.thises softwares include: AutoCAD, Timberline, Agtek, PayDirt, StyleCAD, Maxwell Quest, MC2, QuickPen, MasterBuilder, WinEst, Edge, and many others. .

Hardboard or Roll-Up Digitizer Roll-Up ones are very useful as they are portable, this type can be shifted from office to another office or to the jobsite, in this case you can use a GTCO Roll-up ones.

Input Devices – calcom drawing boards and all other boards must comprise a stylus, a pen , 4 button cursor and 16 button cursor. Some boards are available with wireless options as well. The buttons on the board or input devices perform specific functions on you digitized software.

Table, Pedestal – If your table is not large enough for one of the large sizes one, then purchasing a pedestal is a better option.

Accuracy: The more accurate a digitizer is the more expensive it is. Most of them give accuracy up to o a level of .010 which is more than sufficient for construction. An accuracy level of .005 or .002 is used in mapping and medical devices.