Towel Digitizing

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Towel Digitizing

Branding has been one of the most important aspects of marketing and businesses use it to represent their presence at all times. This is highly apparent within the hospitality industry where everything from the waiters uniforms to the sheets and towels; everything is embroidered with the company’s logo. This branding mentality has generated buzz for further personalization of bedding and other such accessories by other markets, such as for bath robes and bed sheets. One of the biggest component is Towel Digitizing where customers embroider their towels with design or logos of their choosing to represent their own personal aesthetic better.

Towel digitizing is not much different than other forms of machine embroidery or does it need specialized embroidery machines capable for executing such embroidery. It all boils down to the way that design is specially digitized for the towel fabric that makes it suitable to be embroidered onto it, by choosing the most appropriate underlay and furthermore, by compensating using push and pull for this specific tricky fabric.

Our highly skilled and expertly trained digitizers can turn any and all of your designs into highly effective customized towel embroidery digitized designs, all according to the specifications provided to us by the customer when submitting the design. As said, specialized forms of embroidery like puff can be utilized to give embroidery on your towels much more definition and classiness then just simple branding method of consisting flat stitched embroidery.

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