Sleeves Digitizing

Sleeves Digitizing, Fad That Will Stay…

Sleeves Digitizing

Chest embroidery is commonplace and in the world of personalization and innovation of today, just simple designs on the side of the front of your shirt are not going to cut it anymore. With that notion in mind, the world of fashion utilized another part of a shirt to be embroidered on, reinventing the whole idea with an already established medium. Instead of a chest logo on the front side of the shirt, sleeves are being used as the element being embroidered on as not only its different but also give a bit more room for the designers to play with, through their embroidery designs by utilizing the option of sleeves digitizing.

Sleeves embroidery digitizing is still relatively new but has helped people to make their designs unique for their own self. Either for business to brand their shirts as a part of uniform or to be worn at conventions and other workshops or for other users to use different types of embroidery like chenille, puff and sequins to add artistic edge to the garment, as evident in many designer labels around the world, sleeves embroidery is here to stay.

Our highly trained and expertly qualified digitizers can turn any and all of your designs into outstanding customized Sleeves Digitizing designs, all according to the specifications provided to us by the customer when submitting the initial design. As said, specialized forms of embroidery like sequins and puff can be utilized to give embroidery much more style and pizazz then with just regular stitch-based machine embroidery.

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