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Shirts Embroidery and Simple Bare Necessities

Embroidery Shirts DesignsThe shirt is the most basic article of clothing, gender neutral in its appeal and purpose, worn daily by billions of people around the world. To work, casual day wears, around the house, doing the chores, out and about, for formal dinner, church wear, basically everything, shirts are universal and wearable everywhere by anyone. They have been used as items of clothing for as long as one can see documented fashion, in different iterations, sizes and shapes around the world but the shirt has always been a shirt and used to cover upper half, below the neck, part of the human body.

Although shirts are as basic a garment could be but it has the potential to become as adventurous, playful and fashion forward as one wants it to be because the shirt itself is a blank canvas and can be elevated easily. From the choice of fabric, polyester, cotton, neoprene, silk, linen, nylon, etc. to the design and cut of the shirt itself, be it for women or men, used as an over-shirt or tucked inside the pants, be it a tees, polo’s, logo shirt or even button-downs, shirts have moved on from being just an element to cover the body and has become a statement in itself.

A few years back, people only had the option of buying ready to wear shirt usually as customizing then was expensive. Only printed polo shirts, tees and button downs were available from retail shops or extremely high priced designer shirts from fashion outlets and no one actually wanted more for that time. However, things changed, people started to question the norms of society and wanted clothing that expressed their personality thus the want for customization began and the apparel industry went through a period of change as well.

With the latest technology available presently, customization has become the norm itself. Custom shirts, be it designed with the help of a fashion designer or own creativity are commonplace now. Brands and companies use custom polo shirts now as more visible branding techniques at conventions and other industry events. Customization can be achieved with changing the design itself but the more chosen methods are usually machine embroidering artwork on shirts or applying design patches onto a ready-to-wear shirt and more commonly, t shirt printing which can be achieved using stickers stamps readily available to be ironed onto a shirt or with more customizable option of screen printing which can create customized design onto any garments but mostly seen on shirts.

Do you have any shirt which you want to customize to match your personality, why wait to contact DigitEMB right away and let us elevate your shirts, just the way you want them to be, using screen printing or machine embroidery?

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