Secrets of Embroidery

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Secrets of Embroidery

Reveal The Mysteries and Secrets Of Embroidery

Reveal The Mysteries and Secrets Of EmbroideryEmbroidery is known to the man since longer than one can imagine. Embroidery is that evergreen form of art that has survived highs and lows but is still alive with all its glory. It is still just as breath-taking as ever. Embroidery in the early times was done entirely by hand with the help of a thread and a needle. Patterns were created by moving the needle in and out of the fabric. As the time passed, designs modified and even more beautiful embroidery designs started appearing in garments all around the world.

But hand-embroidery took a great amount of time to complete, as well as so much concentration on the stitches. It was next to impossible to complete even one project in one day, let alone many. The revolution that the technology has bought was once very far from the imagination of mankind. But, technology made changed the lives of the human species to a great extent. Where technology affected all aspects of the society, it also brought about change in the world of embroidery.

Embroidery machines brought a huge change in the previous methods of embroidery. The embroidery done with machine was much stronger and took way too less time than when done with the hand. Software was made, which made the embroidery even quicker and easier. However, no matter how much the technology has revolutionized the world of embroidery when these machines fail; the embroiderers still use the early secrets of embroidery to make their embroidery look better.  Even still, in many regions of the world, the old secrets of embroidery are used. No matter how better the machines and software work, it’s still the early secrets of embroidery that keep it alive. These secrets of embroidery are what have kept this beautiful art alive till now.

The secrets of embroidery are what have kept this beautiful art alive till now. DigitEMB knows each and everything about them! So that we are able to offer you such amazing embroidery digitizing services.


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