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Need of Needles

Machine NeedlesThree most important elements for the entire embroidery process or for it to even occur are fabric on which the embroidery will be sewn on to, the thread which will be sewed on and the needles which will be used as the medium for sewing the embroidery onto the fabric. Traditional hand embroidery or digital machine embroidery, the needle is the common element in both of the embroidery methods however the needle and its type are very different for both purposes.

The needle itself is a world of its own and comes in many shapes and sizes, all used for and serving different functions. Choosing the correct needle is an essential part itself as having the right needle can make the difference between good embroidery and a great one. Not only that, good needle choice can lead to smoother embroidering process resulting in a more cleaner and precise embroidered design without ever having the problem of thread breaking midway through the embroidering process. Choosing needles can easily be overwhelming and tiring as the choices are numerous but understanding the fabric itself will help as each needle is designed for different fabric with the structure and thread count (among other things) in mind. People have personal preferences when it comes to needles so taking a suggestion from the internet and other sources is a good way to start but should not be taken as any absolute answer. Experimentation with different thread and needle types on different fabrics will give one the better understanding to always choose the correct needle for the project.

Needles come in both common types and specialty ones, common ones including, sharp needle, universal needle, ball point needle, embroidery needles to more specialty ones for leather, metallic threads, etc. Needle types are different because of their point’s sharpness or roundness to penetrate different types of fabric and also the length of the needle itself. Machine embroidery needles are although universal and can be used with any and every fabric however some embroiders choose to use other types of needles as well, dependent on their personal preference. Embroidery needles of better quality last longer than the lower quality and with a multi needle embroidery machine’s needle, for example a 6 needle embroidery machine with 6 different color threads, will last even longer as the same needle will not be used over and over within the same embroidering process unlike a single needle machine where thread has to be changed every time and the same needle is used over and over again.

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