Hand Embroidery

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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery DesignsHand embroidery patterns, as well as hand embroidery designs, are widely available as these are the gold marks in the field of embroidery in every era as well as fashion. Embroidery work that requires hand embroidery design is considered to be among the new embroidery designs. Needlepoint is the term that is used to embroider different designs and patterns on the surface of the fabric by means of hand. These patterns and designs for hand embroidery can be purchased free of cost from online embroidery libraries or you can simply go for the creation of your design on the fabric. Certain instructions may be followed in the process of hand embroidery on fabric or any other related material.

These include:

The fabric is selected for the purpose of embroidery by hand. Particular canvas is used for the needlework embroidery and these are made up of patterns of woven. It helps in viewing the embroidery stitches that either they are incorrect place or not. The material of the fabric is important. It should have a considerable strength so that it may not undergo distortion during the embroidery by hand.

The loop of needlepoint is created in which needle is placed. You have to keep the cloth as maximum stretched tight. A smaller hoop is taken and the fabric is stretched. A comparatively large hoop is selected and placed on the upper side of the cloth. For its proper holding, the screw of embroidery hoop is twisted. Various sizes of the hoop are available. The proper hoop for your embroidery is the one that covers the entire embroidery design instead of just a portion of it. You can draw your design by way of a marker in which washable ink is filled.

Put thread in the needle. For the accommodation of thick threads, the embroidery needles bear a larger hole for the thread. Due to this advantage, you can use more than one strand of the thread for the creation of embroidery design.

Select the suitable type of stitch for your embroidery. Continental stitch, half stitch, and basket weave stitch are considered to be 3 basic stitches for needlepoint embroidery.

The design is stitched on the fabric. A suitable thread is selected. Stitching is started from the lower side of the fabric. Anchor knot is made. Those areas of the colors that are smallest are stitched first. For this purpose, a continental or a half stitch is used. Embroidery is checked from time to time. It is done so that the stitches that are made on the lower side of the fabric are as similar and as clean as the stitches on the upper side of the fabric. Basketweave stitches are used for those are that are largest.

After the completion of the embroidery pattern or design, push the needle in a wrong direction on the lower side of the fabric and make a knot. The knot should be in the direction of hand as well as in the course of the loop 2 times. Finally, it is tightly pulled. Cut it.