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In this day and age, Graphics is an important part of our life and everything seems to be modernized or automated already. Cell phone companies release new models of smart phones every now and then, the dream of having tablet computers are also realized now. These gadgets can do a lot of stuff and even multi task. Machines that make life easier are also the in thing nowadays. But even if everything seems to be run by computers today, some old traditions and hobbies still remain the same. Though albeit a little different from what they used to be. Of course, these activities and traditions have to be tweaked a little bit so as to adapt to the present day settings. We can also utilize the very intelligent technology we have nowadays to be able to simplify the tedious processes that are entailed when doing these activities. Different types of computer machines are at our reach to use them in replacing steps in our traditional activities. Though considered somewhat old, they still get an element of being futuristic through the changes in the processes.

There are tons of daily activities that are slowly but surely being modernized, back in the day, making coffee contains a lot of steps, but now, you can just push a few buttons on your state of the art coffee maker machine, and voila, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If you don’t fancy making your own, coffee shops are peppering the streets of cities all over the world. Aside from fancy coffee, one of the traditional activities that got modernized is embroidery. It used to be an activity for the elderly women, for those who have tons of free time. But now, it even utilizes smart computers to be able to simplify the once tedious task of creating embroidery patterns. But even if embroidery still remains as traditional as ever, it doesn’t mean that the process of it did not go under any revision or changes for it to adapt to our present day setting. The modernized part of embroidery is the creation of its patterns. Embroidery designs are now being made by using Graphics designs. All these possible through companies like Digit Embroidery who merged traditional embroidery with modern day technology.

Digit Embroidery is a web based company that specializes in design and vector of embroidery patterns. Screen printing needs are also catered by this company. Digit Embroidery uses specialized computer machines that transform raw artwork, sent in by the customers, to embroidery patterns and screen printing tapes. The company ensures that the best of quality work is delivered to the customers. The designs of the patterns undergo a keen observation to make sure that it is exactly as the customer wanted it to be. The designers of Digit Embroidery confer with the customer every now and then to discuss the flow of the art that is being asked for. artists of this company are indeed very qualified to create pristine embroidery patterns. Aside from that, the customers can also play the role of being designers or artists, since they can custom create their very own logos, or patterns using the different tools that can be used in the website of Digit Embroidery. The patterns and logos can be created using free or any other photos or font or art that the customer would desire.

They can use digitizing tools such as Wilcom and Tajima Pulse to create embroidery patterns for caps, left chest part of t-shirts and dresses, the back portion of jackets and puffs. And since the customers can be their very own designers, they can control the changes and revisions that they would like to see in their embroidery patterns, they can mix and match the colors and layout of the art that they are creating. This is going to add more personal effects on the design that is being created, plus, it minimizes the costs of changes. Back in the day, the process of creating art starts from the submission of the design, the artist now then creates the draft for this and then awaits the approval of the customer, if this is not approved; the artist again re-draws it again and again until the customer approves the final draft. This can also go on for a long time, depending on the approval of the customer.

The vectorising’s tools used by the company are CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. They mainly use these tools to create offset printing designs, screen prints, digital printing and other vectorising’s designs. Doing vectors are indeed very hard, it involves processes that are very tedious and requires the appropriate skills. The designers of this vector are well equipped to satisfy the demand for art presented by the customer.

Art and design admittedly are not easy to make, especially the more complex ones. There are a lot of steps to be done and a lot of processes to do just to be able to create these arts. Free is used by the designers to do the perfect design needed by the customer. The designer must be very vigilant in maintaining the balance in the design being created. The artist must also have the skills to maneuver the machines being used by the company, Digit Embroidery in creating the digitized embroidery patterns.

Modern designing is getting more and more interesting but at the same time complicated. The software is being created to do art in a more creative fashion. Different processes and tools are also being updated to do just the desire of being able to create modern day art. Aside from that, the popularity of being a designer or artist is rising at a constant rate. The basics of a designer need not be very hard. You just have to be patient in studying the tool that you would use. From there, constant practice will increase your skills until you master the art of using free. artists and designers, at least a lot of them, did not need to enroll in courses regarding vectors, design, photo and animated. There are lectures available for download from the internet to aid you in your goal to create designs. But being able to practice using the software, for example, Adobe Illustrator will still be the best teacher for the interested.

Photo or photo digitizing are also being done by Digit Embroidery. This used to be a dreaded thing, but with the use of modern computers and scanners of the company, this is now an easy task. The conversion of raw art to digital embroidery patterns is now easily created. However, duplicates are secured so that the original copy of the artwork will not be destroyed. The technology behind this is not rocket science as well. It only utilizes a flatbed scanner and powerful computer units. The critical instrument of all is the scanner, because the quality of the scanned digital image will solely depend on the quality of the scanner, and the same goes with the efficiency of the scanner. The more efficient the scanner is, the more vivid the digital image will be. These parts are then presented to the customer to be approved, or for them to suggest revision on the design.

Creative design is the key concept in the success of Digit Embroidery. It is indeed fortunate that embroidery is still around, given the much-modernized world we live in today. So for it to be able to survive, this method of traditional artwork must adapt with the ever changing technology. But still, being creative is the key. No matter what the method of creating the embroidery pattern is, it all relies on it being creative. So in the concept of digital embroidery designs, creative design will be the most important factor in creating the digital art, which is the digital embroidery pattern.

Graphics designs Art has now a new face in the world of designers, not only were they used in creating posters or background images for websites, now it is also used to create modernized designs for embroidery patterns. It surely is a mix of tradition and modern technology. You can even custom create your very own patterns and then send it to Digit Embroidery for them to be able to transform it into a digital embroidery pattern. No more waiting around for long periods of time for your design to reach you. Aside from that, the personal touch you are putting into the pattern will make it especially precious. Designing has indeed reached out to more audience than ever. Before, artists and art only appealed to the artsy type, but now even the elderly can take advantage of the technology Digit Embroidery presents. If you are interested in showing your artwork, send them to Digit Embroidery for them to transform them into digital in the form of digital embroidery patterns.