1 General Enquiries about our Embroidery Digitizing Services

1. On what criteria do you charge each digitized. embroidery design?

Our charge is dependent on the stitch count of the final digitized design file.

2. How much do you charge for your embroidery digitizing services?


Basic Digitizing Rates

$14.9 Flat rate (under 5 inches and/or under 10,000 stitches).
After 10,000 stitches $1.49 per thousand stitches
Note: No extra or hidden charges for minor editing & sew out.

Basic Vectorization Rates

Vector: $10 - $75

dependent on the complexity of the source image provided.

3. What artwork format do you accept for digitizing any embroidery design?


The image formats we accept for embroidery digitizing are;


If you have a source image in other format than the aforementioned, please contact us before going through with the ordering process.

4. What file formats will and can my digitized designs be provided in?


We provide the following Embroidery formats;


Unless instructed to do otherwise, we will mail your digitized logos in DST format. We will also send a sewout image via email, for your consent before sending the actual digitized file.

5. Can you provide other digitized formats?


Before placing any order for other than the mentioned format requirements, please contact us right away and our diligent digitizers will be more then elated to help.

6. Which embroidery machines support the formats provided by you?


Following embroidery machines follow the formats provided by us;

Tajima, Barudan, Melco, Toyota, Zsk, SWF and Happy.

7. How long does it take to digitize my logo design?


We are known for having the fastest turnaround within the industry, digitized designs within 3 – 12 hours of the order being placed. For rush orders, your design can be provided to you within the 1 – 8 hours of being order being placed with all the required information.

2 Free Price Estimate

1. How do I request a quote for your custom digitizing services?


Register for free at DigitEMB.COM by completing a simple form and activating your personal account. Send us the artwork and your detailed requirement specifications and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email or fax us your artwork and design details.

2. What kind of artwork should I submit to get a free quote for embroidery digitizing?


You can send us existing sew outs, pictures, drawings and sketches or can also send us an image of your logo scanned from business stationery or other such sources.

3. How long does it take to get a quote for embroidery digitizing?


We try our best to give you a price estimate within the 12-24 hours of the quote request received and also if we have the artwork and all pertinent the information from your side.

4. For how long is the validity for the quote provided?


The quote is valid for 30 days, from the day it was provided.

5. Can I set up a monthly payment option plan?


For your fist trail, you would have to pay the $5 which would both serve as payment and a method of account verification as well.

After that, we can negotiate and set up payments plan ranging from 2-4 weeks payment pans.

3 Placing an Order

1. How do I place an order for custom digitizing of my logo or designs?


After registration and verification, you can place the order by using the dashboard after logging in. You will also receive a welcome email explain this process in detail.

Furthermore, you can also place an order by email directly at digitize@digitemb.com

2. In what ways can I make the payment?


You can pay us by Debit/Credit cards from the following vendors, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and even PayPal account. For more options, contact us directly.

3. Can I follow the progress of my order?


Yes, you can follow the status of your order by going to the order record page, once logged into your account.

4 Registering on the DigitEMB Website

1. How to register at DigitEMB?


You can register for free on our website by completing a simple form and activating your profile by clicking on the link sent for confirmation, on the email provided during the registration process.

2. Why should I register at DigitEMB?


After you register, you can login to your account and request a free quote, place orders, submit artwork, make payments, follow-up your order and receive virtual delivery of your design.

5 Delivery of Digitized Embroidery Logos

1. How long will it take to get my digitized embroidery design?


You will receive the digitized embroidery file within 12-24 hours of the order being placed (if given enough instructions to start the process right away).

2. How will I receive my digitizing embroidery file?


Once your design is ready to download, log in and click on the ‘List Management’ > ‘Order List’ and then can download the file by clicking the ‘download file’, next to the design you ordered, on the page.

Also, you can ask for the design to be sent to you via email.

6 Editing of Digitized Logos

1. Is re-digitizing or editing of digitized files possible?


Changes can be made to existing digitized embroidery files.

2. Are revisions for digitized files free?


For simple revisions, we do not charge anything. However for complex edits (if it is something different from what was originally requested and quoted) we charge a fee dependent on the complexity of the requested change.

7 Other Common Questions about our Custom Digitizing Services

1. Can you make use of rough artwork?


Yes, we will try to clean it up to be used within the digitizing process.

2. Can you copy embroidery design off of a garment?


Yes, it is possible.

3. How will I know that you successfully received my payment?


As soon as the payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to the customer acknowledging the payment.

4. Why was my design not completed within the advertised or informed time?


Time depend on the design submitted to either digitize or vectorize and complex designs would definitely take longer than the simpler designs, however customer is made aware about the approximate time when he or she submits their design.

5. Is my logo design embroidered and tested before delivery?


Yes, all the digitized designs go through testing phase, including test embroidering, of which a sew out is also provided to the customer.

6. Can I have only lettering in my embroidered logos?


Yes, your logo or design can be digitized for the lettering section only.

7. What is the minimum size requirement of the artwork?


We accept orders in any size, big or small.

8. Do you offer free consultation about embroidery digitizing?


Yes, our embroidery digitizers and expert support staff will be glad to advise and help you in any way possible.

9. Can I request variations of my digitized embroidered designs?


Yes, you can request slight variations of your digitized embroidered designs.

10. Can I request multiple sizes of the embroidery digitized file?


Certainly, if there is no editing or test stitching required for the additional size(s), then you can request ONE additional size at no extra charge.  Subsequent additional size requests will be charged.

11. Do you take small orders or only large orders of embroidery digitizing?


We deal with both small and bulk orders.

12. Can I submit vector format artwork for embroidery digitizing?


Yes, we accept vector format artwork for embroidery digitizing as well.

13. How can I download or receive archived designs?


You can download the archived designs by clicking on the ‘List Management’ > ‘Order List’ and then can download the file by clicking the ‘download file’ next to the design you want to download.

Moreover, you can contact digitize@digitemb.com and request your archived designs to be emailed to you directly.