Embroidery Fonts

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Embroidery Fonts

Famous Embroidery Fonts

Embroidery FontsEmbroidery Fonts, with any sort of text, are an important part of the embroidery as most of the machine embroidery designs have some written element on it. Be it monograms, company logos or just a written motto or slogan of the brand, organization or even an individual.

Lettering in different fonts is a staple of the machine embroidery of today. People can buy the readily available applique embroidery fonts to sew onto the garment right away or free embroidery fonts digitized files to be utilized within their garment, which is available on the internet easily. However, like other embroidery files, these free embroidery font files are available in specific few extensions, which might not be suitable for everyone and also, changing even a single element with the font may lead to distortion in the overall design.

The cheapest available method is to download and use the Embroidery Fonts Plus software which is the only embroidery fonts free software available on the market. The software is free, is limited as it only provides 3 embroidery font styles but does provide features like density control, column width spacing among basic other features to tweak the embroidery a bit.

For more advanced options, one has to invest in the professional digitizing software. Most to all embroidery digitizing software come with in-built fonts for embroidery, to work with and add onto the embroidery design easily, however, the fonts are available in extremely limited styles. Only a few of the well-known styles are available which of course, can only be used in the same fashion they are already in. For more customized and different fonts for embroidery, digitizing in the most basic sense comes into play.

Embroidery Fonts DesignAny font, like any image, it is possible for it to be converted into embroidery font designs. Font image can be created from any capable software like Photoshop or CorelDraw, the software just needs to have the specific font, which can easily be sourced from the internet and added to the software. Once the font is acquired, it’s used and the text is typed in Photoshop/CorelDraw normally. For advanced designers, they can add design details to make it much more aesthetically pleasing as well or even to represent the brand or individuals take, if and as required. Once designed and saved, the text’s image is loaded into the digitizing software and digitized like every other image.

Fonts can be tricky at times as push/pull compensation comes into play for example, with curved alphabets like ‘e’, and especially in curls embroidery font, digitizer would have to compensate and increase the size a bit on the top and bottom as the surfaces are pulled in while with straight line alphabets like ‘i’ the embroidery would be pushed back a bit while digitizing as, during the embroidery process, it pushes out on its own. With large embroidery fonts or small embroidery fonts, the compensation is certain to do. Applique embroidery fonts are also created if wanted, so the designs can be embroidered on the fabric they were designed for but can also cut away and sewed/pasted onto other fabrics.

For a customized digitized font design or for a vector, contact DigitEMB right away and avail the countless opportunities, available for customers.

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