Embroidery Stitching

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Embroidery Stitching

The Delicate Art of Embroidery Stitching

Machine Embroidery StitchingWhenever you see a cap, a shirt or any other item with an embroidered logo or design, the design is digitized through a process called digitization. Basically, digitization is a process in which the artwork is converted into a stitch file that the embroidery machine can understand and sew it on the garment or any other item that is embroidery stitching. Before starting the process firstly we examine the artwork you provided for details and exact specifications after that our creative artist digitally traces your artwork so that a custom stitch file can be produced. The next step is that the artist specifies the exact path that the needle will take when it will be on its stitching process and now our artists adjust the thread’s density, place underlay stitches and compensate for push/pull factors. Our experts also change the types of the stitches to reproduce the artwork and match your required specifications for the file. We ensure that our provided file will run smoothly on the embroidery machine while the process of embroidery stitching is being done and without any thread break.

However, there are some limitations on the appearance of a design that does not exist in print designs, tiny details or small letters or color gradients they can sometimes be really difficult to reproduce in thread exactly. To overcome this, we offer various suggestions during the digitizing process so that we can give our customer the absolute best and accurate file that is as close as possible to their original artwork. We also provide you with the vector art services so you can start with tremendous quality artwork. We provide you with the file which is all ready for embroidery stitching flawlessly and beautifully. Our creative and experienced digitizers work around the clock to ensure quick delivery with high quality product with reasonable rates.

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