Embroidery Services for Artworks Including Photos, Images and Logos

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Embroidery Services for Artworks Including Photos, Images and Logos


Creation of digitized embroidery on apparel is not a new thing in this era. What is new and modest is the provision of embroidery services for artworks by DigitEMB that covers all your Handmade to Digital Artwork Embroidery Services for e.g. photos, logos and images. Our digitizers and embroiderers ensure you the successful and speedy output of your submitted artwork conversion into embroidery. To create an embroidery design from an art, many steps are involved in the creation of a clear embroidery pattern by using fill, satin and running stitches. We have updated versions of Embroidery Digitizing Software that are required for the whole procedure.

We always ask our clients for the original artwork as it tends to create the highest quality of embroidery on your fabric and accessories. Although, we can do image editing, modification and re-touching but even then we always prefer the best original art. Furthermore, you are required to talk to our art digitizing department for knowing the exact specifications required for your specific artwork in the form of photo, image or logo.

Raster and Vector Art Services are also preferable when it comes to the conversion of artwork into embroidery on garment. Raster images involve individual building blocks as well as colored pixels for the creation of a complete image for embroidery. The common raster images types cover JPEG, GIF and PNG. You might have found photos in many print catalogs and webs are also raster images. For more flexibility, vector images are also embroidered such as EPS, AI and PDF file types. These do not require re-sizing; therefore vector images do an excellent job for the creation of embroidery graphics.

We also provide Screen Printing Services for Artwork which is the process of application of ink layers on to the printing surface. For making the final screen printed artwork look attention-grabbing and striking on your fabric, we always use a different screen for the application of each color. If you want your photo on your t-shirt that should look vibrant, screen-printing is the best way to do so. As contrary to digital printing, screen printing utilizes a thicker layer of ink that lets the colors look brighter on darker fabrics.

If you don’t want printed artwork, then our embroidery services for artworks are also available that make the use of more than 100 multi-colors thread for your projects. Any of your custom artwork can be embroidered on your garment. We make you sure the quality of our embroidery services will remain best within your budget. Furthermore, our specialized team of designers, digitizers and embroiderers will also evaluate your art, photo, image and logo absolutely free of any additional charges.

DigitEMB is an online store that provides you a wide range of embroidery designs and pattern as well as the freedom to submit us your text, image, photo, logo or artwork that we can easily embroider on your desirable apparel as it is. Our art department is waiting for you to work with your file in the best possible manner by giving free recommendations regarding embroidery services.

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