Embroidery Patterns Designs

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Embroidery Patterns Designs

Embroidery Patterns Designs


From ancient times to this century there have been a lot of changes in embroidery patterns designs. Different designs and styles have been introduced in the market by different countries. Embroidery differs from place to place as in different countries different types of embroideries are done. There is a great variety of different embroidery patterns and designs, some of them are:

Hand Embroidery Patterns And Designs

Now a day’s people still prefer embroideries done by hand as well as those which do not involve any machine work. The most commonly made designs are:

Butterfly Embroidery Pattern

Butterflies are loved by many girls on their shirts, bags, towels and many others. Butterflies are made in different colors and in different shapes as well.

Linea Embroidery

Linea is another design which is the easiest pattern to be drawn and loved by many people. This pattern is made on various households as well as on wearable too.

Beautiful Daisies

These pretty daisies are made by using an embroidery technique called line stich. This is also a good pattern for those who are new and are learning embroidery.

Floral Pattern

Another pattern which is very common and made by many people are flowers. Different types of flowers like roses, tulips, sun flowers, lilies or daisies are made on kitchen towels, clothes, bags, table mats and many more.

Patters Made By Machines

With advancement in time, the embroidery which was done by hands only can now be done by machines. There are many machines in the market which help in doing different types of embroideries. The patterns which are mostly made are:

Different Characters Or Figures

Many different types of figures or characters are embroidered by using embroidery machines. Some famous characters such as angry birds, superman, Power puff girls, Dexter, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, Scooby doo, batman and many more are now designed through embroidery. These all characters or figures are the most famous designs and are made by machines only. Many patterns like different alphabetical letters or numbers in various fonts can be embroidered on shirts too.

Personalized Patterns

With the help of the machine or computerized embroideries, now the personalized patterns can be made on wallets, towels and hand bags too. People personalize their names or any name which can be of their favorite actors, actresses or any sports person.

These different types of embroidery patterns or designs are made on different materials by using different combinations and colors by many people.