Embroidery Floss

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Embroidery Floss

Incredible Colorful Flood of Embroidery Floss

Embroidery FlossEmbroidery floss is basically a mercerized cotton that is, a cotton thread covered with a polyester core. It is also known as 6-strand floss, stranded cotton, cotton Moline, six-strand embroidery floss. It is also manufactured in polyester, linen silk, and rayon. The thread is composed of six individual threads or piles. However, you can embroider with various types of threads but embroidery floss is one of the most basic kinds also the most popular to work with. Embroidery floss is used on the surface of the embroidery and most commonly while working with needle painting using the satin stitch, cross stitch or long-and-short stitch and counted thread techniques. They are used for the variety of needlework projects such as smocking, punch embroidery, quilting and appliqué and much more. However, it is also used in the crafting projects. Therefore, these strands can be easily separated. This provides the opportunity to the user to choose the number of strands for a specific embroidery work, according to the look required. They are generally available in skeins which are like 8 meters in length and the market is flooded with a great variety of these threads when it comes to colors. They are available in a wide range of colors.

Any number of strands can be used in the needle it all depends on the desired thickness of the thread, or on the pattern instructions. Usually, most of the embroidery floss is designed to be colorfast. There are different types of embroidery floss which are used to create different effects that is variegated floss, cotton floss, metallic floss, light effects, pearl cotton, silk floss. They are perfect for adding an extra and special touch to your stitch projects. To prevent the floss from tangling it is coated with thread conditioner. DigitEMB is poised to save you money and clocking in with the cheapest price tag.


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