Embroidery Design Patterns

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Embroidery Design Patterns

Latest Machine Embroidery Design Patterns

Embroidery Design Patterns

Embroidery A Hobby

The art of embroidery is a beautiful way to decorate your household stuff as well as your clothes too. Some people do embroidery as their hobby while some people do it so that they can earn money. There are countless embroidery design patterns which can be drawn on different things like clothes, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, hats and many more. Some of the unique designs are as following:

Alphabetical Letters

One technique to form a fabulous design is to make a tablecloth, doily, pillowcase by doing embroidery of your initials on them. This design is the mostly made design on different clothes used for various purposes.

FSL Designs

FSL is the abbreviation of free standing lace designs. These designs are embroidered on household stuff too. The designs mostly made are embroidered words or floral patterns. By using lace and on lace, the whole stitching is done. Some other designs like a lady’s hat with different styles of flowers or a western boot can be embroidered too.

Most Unique Design

One of the most prettiest and rare design is the ginger doll design. Many people like to have a design embroidered of a gingerbread doll on their wallets, hats, frocks and on other things. These dolls are embroidered on any material of your choice.

Flower Patterns

This is the most easy and quick design which is made by using different styles of embroideries which includes stem stitch, running stitch and French knots. Different styles of flowers are designed on different materials according to the depending upon the choice of people.

Jacobean Fuschia

Another beautiful design but it is a bit difficult patterns. This pattern is made by using different kind’s embroidery techniques. Some of the embroidery techniques used to make this pattern is buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, Cretan stitch, Fishbone stitch, Stem stitch, French knots and fly stitch. By using these techniques a stunning design is made.

Digital Embroidery

Since the digital embroidered machines have been invented, embroidery has gained more popularity. There are millions of different embroidery design patterns made by using different embroideries.

Two Major Type Of Embroidery Designs

One major type of design is known as free machine embroidery designs. By using a basic pattern of sewing designs, this form of embroidery can be done. Those who know how to handle these machines, they can create marvelous designs and pictures by using these methods.

Digital design is the second type of design. These designs are programmed in the computer or the software and then they are uploaded onto the machines. In this way different embroidery design patterns of cartoon characters, landscapes and monograms are made.