Embroidered Hats

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Embroidered Hats

Custom Embroidered Hats

Embroidered Hats

Embroidered Hats is one of the merging trends in embroidery word. Digitizing of Hats is a very differently performed art when compared to any other garments. The reason behind excessive consideration of sewing cap is because the digitizer has to keep in mind that the Hats are of 6 panels and have a large seam in the middle. The seam being a thick area requires some extra stitches than usual.

Interesting Facts about Digitally Embroidering Hats

One of the unique facts about Embroidered Hats is that the embroidery of any letters on the cap is done from the middle and last letter to the first. For example if someone wants to imprint the word “digital cap” on the cap, they have to print the words in the following order, “P-A-C-L-A-T-I-G-I-D.”  The reason behind this is the shape of the hats. Hats are usually dome shaped and can easily buckle up in the course of embroidery. So it is ideal to start from the center of the logo and move to the outer area as described above.

Unusual Designing of Hats

Hats cannot be digitized with a regular design or logo as it has less area and round shape to embroider on. A usual cap has 50MM height approximately and an area of 120MM. when the embroidery exceeds this limit, it will end up protruding out of the Hats frame. As a result this may increase the chances of breakage of needed.

Hat Limitations

Embroidered Hats is an art in itself. It may be provided as a service by numerous companies, but it is also a difficult to achieve efficiency and neat work in such dome shaped garments. Therefore, in order to trust a company and its services, here are some limitations many people face in cap digitizing. Make sure you are not a victim of such inadequate services.

Firstly, Hats have a limited embroidery are, therefore make sure that the design you choose fits in the specified area. Secondly, the cap embroidery should always be 3 inches above the bill and 3 inches below the front of the Hats curving. In addition to this, make sure that the design chosen for the cap does not exceed 5000 stitches as this is the maximum amount the thread can sew on such a small area. Also, the quality of the thread should be strong so that the thread does not break on the dome shape of the cap. Lastly, make sure the Hats are embroidered with care and at a slow pace due to its delicacy.

Tips to Successful Hat Digitizing and Embroidery

Our company has successful followed some basic and important tips which allow successful embroidery on the Hats. For example, we choose those brands of hats that fit our frames. In addition to this, we have invested in a selected high class cap frames for efficient work. To embroidery both front and sides of cap simultaneously, we use a 270 frame. Proper care regarding the design width and height is taken. Lastly, we make sure our hats are seamed from the center.