Divine Diva Daisy Duck Free Embroidery Design

Daisy Duck Free Embroidery Design

Divine Diva Daisy Duck Embroidery Design


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SKU: 10116

Size: H: 5.01 inches W: 3.39 inches

Stitches: 20352

Colors: 8 | Super White 1001 | Golden 1064 | Sky 1094 | Pink 1309 | Orange 1172 | Light Pink 1321 | Red 1146 | Emerald Black 1000

Formats Available:  CND, TAP, DSZ, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, XXX


Female characters with Mickey and gang were not as famous as their male counterparts, but Daisy, however, managed to not only elevates the character of Donald (like they were designed to do) but also came into her own since her introduction. Her personality, her fashion sense, all helped her to become an icon in her own right. Since her early appearances, Daisy is attracted to Donald and is devoted to him. This is most clearly seen in Donald's Dilemma as Daisy is almost to the point of suicide after Donald forgets her. Despite this, she's shown to have her boyfriend wrapped around her finger and is often shown to keep him in line whenever his anger starts to boil. Besides her love for Donald, Daisy is also shown to be more sophisticated and intelligent than him. In Cured Duck Daisy even gives Donald an ultimatum regarding his temper but later reforms in Donald's Dilemma. Daisy herself sometimes exhibits a temper, but she has much greater self-control than Donald. This embroidery design highlights everything great about daisy, her big smile, her flare for colorful fashion and of course the diva stance. Daisy Duck, the better half of eccentric Donald Duck, has become an icon in herself, showcased beautifully in this divine diva Daisy Duck Free Embroidery Design.

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