Digitize Embroidery Designs Art

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Digitize Embroidery Designs Art

Digitize Embroidery Designs Art

Digitized embroidery designs are basically an electronic art. In Digitize Embroidery Designs Art a user, who knows how to work on a digitizer, does the work to convert the images as stitches. Actually, with the help of software, the image is read and stored in a machine readable

Though with the above definitions of Digitize Embroidery Designs Art the working of the machine may look simple the whole affair is a bit more complicated. The digitizing embroidery machines do not work with a simple click of keys. Simply by learning its operating software, one cannot claim to be an expert digitizing embroidery machine operator. One cannot expect to just feed few commands and then sit back to make the machine work the rest. This is because the software is quite sophisticated as the machine is made to work with very high precision and give a quality that human hand cannot give manually. That is the prime reason that these digitizing embroidery machines are catching the fancy of more and more people with each passing day.

Moreover, the act is not complete simply by knowing how the machine works because to do the work properly the operator needs an artistic bent of mind. The user should be able to identify the finest of details in the work.

Before the actual work starts the user should be able to visualize each stage and section of work along with the color scheme in his or her mind and then merge all the ideas together so as to recreate the mood of the work.

In the next stage, the Digitizer is used to digitize the embroidery design with the help of software. The work is done such that various sections are drawn separately so that they can be clubbed, rearranged or resized independently of each other as per the need of the work. The stitching goes with the underlay or overlay threads. Other actions as sequencing, shading and colorizing are also done related to the embroidery separately for each section. Once all the sections of the work are complete then they are all reassembled to bring to life the original ideas as the work is made ready for the first set.

But sometimes it may happen that due to money problems the digitize embroidery work could not be done. Moreover, the thread is not like paint which is done on a two-dimensional canvas. The thread is 3 dimensional and required extreme artistic creativity and control on colors for the best result.In Digitize Embroidery Designs Art The work demands natural creativity and artistic bend of mind. The imaginative and inspired mind is a precondition to getting success in the field of Digitize Embroidery Designs Art.

In this, the monitor is the canvas, mouse, and keyboards are the brushes and the imagination and inspiration the real software to do the work. In the whole process, the embroidery digitizer’s pallet acts as the software to convert the imagination to reality.

In short, we may that the field of digitization embroidery needs state of the art hardware, software and will yield a better result when supported by softer skills as imagination, inspiration, and art of choosing colors. If you have all this then you are bound to succeed.