Digital Embroidery

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Digital Embroidery

Digital Embroidery

Digital EmbroideryA digital embroidery design is created by the help of Digitalizing or Digitalization. This Digitalizing or Digitalization refers to a process in which a simple art work is converted into a digital image by the help of embroidery digitizing software that are available either for free or you have to buy them from authentic vendors. After the required conversion, this Digitalize image is converted into an embroidery pattern which is stitched on the surface of the fabric by the help of either simple sewing or stitching embroidery machine or a computerized embroidery machine. digital embroidery designs are available in various sources that may include fashion stores, fashion magazines etc. winter is considered to be the biggest source where a design or pattern is made digital by design embroidery.

You need to follow certain instructions for the creation and embroidery of a digital image that can be a design or a pattern. These guidelines are summarized as below:

At first, the idea of embroidery design or pattern is sketched out. For this purpose, a pencil or pen and a sketch paper are used. The thoughts, as well as the model for the embroidery design, can be taken from any source for e.g. the internet, photo and other sources that were discussed in the above paragraph. Though, it is instructed to consider the limitations of the embroidery machine which you possess. But it is better to sketch without any restriction so that your creative skills can be polished. If you are using any embroidery digitizing software then it can be very helpful to you in a way that you can directly draw the idea of embroidery in the window of software by using different tools given in the software program.

The outline of the initially sketched design or pattern is constructed. Now in this step, you have to consider the restrictions of the embroidery machine. For e.g. you have to consider the dimensions i.e. the length and width of the design or pattern in accordance with the hoop of the embroidery machine. If these are not matched then do the required editing of the image for e.g. resizing, reshaping etc.

A graphic paper is taken on which the design for digital embroidery is traced out. The details of the type of stitching as well as colors of the thread are also selected. The color which you use in the creation of the design for digital embroidery is judged by the colors of the thread which you embroidery machine utilizes. Due to this reason, you can use different colors and markers to impart a variety of colors in your digital image.

The image which is without colors is scanned and opened in the window of the embroidery digitizing software. This scanned image is then converted into a digitalized format. Necessary adjustments as well as re-editing of the digital image can also be done with the help of software program for the digitalizing of embroidery designs and patterns. Finally, carry out the embroidery process.