Embroidery Designs and Patterns

Embroidery is a beautiful form of artwork which is done by using threads and needle. It is used to beautify the items. Beside the threads and needles many other materials such as beads, pearls, quills, metal strips and much other things can be used. However, here at DigitEMB, we provide inspiration and solutions for machine embroidery exhaustive. Stitches play an important role for the final look of the design. So, the embroidery designs and patterns should be done with great care. Of course, it is sure that the stitches make the fabric look more beautiful and attractive. There are different types of embroidery stitches and each of them is used for a specific purpose.

To create flawless embroidery designs and patterns is not an easy thing to do, it requires great concentration and practice. Few embroidery designs are stitched on the top part of the foundation of the fabric while others are stitched through it. No matter what, embroidery has proven itself to be an art. And of course, it is! Without a single doubt as there are many companies who are now offering custom embroidery services.

We provide our top quality embroidery digitizing services all over the globe. Our services are unbeatable! We are able to deliver in a timely manner! We do not require a larger amount of time. We can create unique, flawless and beautiful designs for you that you’ll be delighted with the fine quality and the stitch details. We ensure that our designs will run smooth on your embroidery machine. The embroidery deigns and patterns offered by us are just beyond perfection! Give us a try. We never failed to satisfy our customers! We have a design for everyone at affordable prices we also offer free embroidery designs and patterns to provide our honorable clients with the services that they truly deserve!

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Swak Embroidery

Top Notch Flawless Swak Embroidery Swak Embroidery is an evergreen art. It is one of the oldest arts known to the mankind. Embroidery started with just a few stitches here and there. But later on, it evolved into beautiful patterns and designs. Nowadays, embroidery is so popular that it is used in almost everything we…
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Ribbon Embroidery

Fascinating and Eye-Catching Ribbon Embroidery Designs Embroidery is a very vast art. It has got in numerous forms and no doubt all of them are unique and beautiful in its own way. Ribbon embroidery is one of these many amazing yet beautiful kinds of embroidery. The most popular type is the silk-ribbon embroidery in which…
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Cute Embroidery

Cute Embroidery Designs for the Cuties The cute embroidery projects put a fresh spin on the trends! However, who does not love cute embroidery designs? Of course, everyone does! Lucky for you, if you own an embroidery machine and no worries if you do not! There are a lot of companies who are offering you…
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Embroidery Flowers

Graceful and Delicate Embroidery Flowers Embroidery is the name of that art which makes your garment look more appealing and gorgeous and adds to its charm and attractiveness. What make this art of embroidery even more beautiful is that like all other arts, it has got no boundaries and limitations. Embroidery is a vast art.…
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