7 Mistakes to Avoid In Custom Hat Embroidery

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7 Mistakes to Avoid In Custom Hat Embroidery

7 Mistakes to Avoid In Custom Hat Embroidery

7 Mistakes to Avoid In Custom Hat Embroidery

Custom hat embroidery is full of skills and requires expertise. Any problem or Mistakes in Custom Embroidery Digitizing of Headwear can lead you to suffer loss as you are sending a less-quality produce to your clients. To avoid such mishaps, avoid common Problems in Custom Hat Embroidery Digitizing for the creation of high-quality embroidered hats. Hats are comparatively difficult part of an embroidered outfit; therefore avoid these common issues in custom hat embroidery to expand your business:

1.      Run Your Embroidery Machine At Normal Speed:

  • For creating the best embroidery on hats, the best advice is to slow down your embroidery machine.
  • For a usual custom hat embroidery design, the running speed of machine should be 600 stitches per minute with a hat frame and approximately 750 for a flat. As every hat embroidery design is different from another, therefore, it is just an idea.
  • If some complicated details or small letters are present in a design, slow down the machine speed.
  • If the design is complication, the machine speed should be about 550 stitches per minute for hat frames and 650 stitches per minute for flats to improve the registration and stitching.
  • By slowing down an embroidery machine, you can control expenses by avoiding wastage as you can do right embroidery at first time.

2.      Proper Method of Hooping:

  • Improper hopping of commercial embroidered products, mainly hats, cause poor quality embroidery.
  • Durkee hoops should be used for hats where it should be placed centered and straight.

3.      Properly Watch Thread Tension:

  • In commercial custom hat embroidery, the most common mistake is thread tension problems. Regular thread tension checks should run.
  • Proper thread tension yields nice and tight embroidery with crispy letters and logo and gives quality embroidered hats.

4.      Deal With Bobbin:

  • Whenever you change bobbin, you should keep in mind thread tension.
  • Too loose or too tight bobbin can affect your custom hat embroidery designs in either way.
  • For making consistent quality in your hat embroidery, never overlook bobbin.

5.      Change Needles Repeatedly:

  • You should change the needles of your custom hat embroidery machines often enough to maintain the quality.
  • The needle changing time depends on many factors such as quality of needles, types of hat material and fabric, machine running time etc.
  • Check your needles every week and change it, if required.
  • If the needle does not synchronize with the movement of the bobbin case, replace the needle as it can lead to scratch the bobbin case. It can make burrs and cause the thread to fray and break.

6.      Correct Embroidery Placement:

  • Before the assembling of hat, embroidery design is placed lower on a hat next to a bill of it.
  • From both the front bill and sides of the hat, the custom hat embroidery design is placed no less than half an inch away.
  • Other placements of embroidery designs can affect quality of hat, embroidery or both.
  • Furthermore, crashing of embroidery machine can occur if the design is placed on the bill of the cap or the frame due to needle catch in it.

7.      Don’t Forget Digitizing:

  • To digitize a logo or designs of custom hat embroidery is very important. So, don’t forget this crucial step.

If you have any Tips for Custom Hat Embroidery Designing, share with us!

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