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Well you are in luck then. We are the best choice when it comes to Digitizing Logos for Embroidery of any kind, be it simple lettering to something highly detailed and complicated, digitizing a logo for embroidery is what we excel at the most and our quality and economical prices will sure make you wonder in amazement. So fill the form below and start utilizing our astounding services right away.

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  1. Lex
    Hi I want to get an image digitized for embroidery. Does the type of embroidery machine I’m using matter ?
    • Hello, Lex! Firstly thank you so much for writing us dear we can digitize that image for you and yes your machine type does matter for that. just let us know which file format does your machine support. So we will digitize your logo for that accordingly.
  2. Anne
    can you please tell me whether you can digitize a logo for me in the format of JEF (very simple logo) to be be placed on a couple of T-shirt Size 92mm x 52mm in 3 colours only

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