Write for Us

Write For Us

Do you have flair for writing embroidery or vectorization blogs? We have got a good news for you!

DigitEMB now introduces “Write for Us” where you can post, upload images and videos with your content and share your experience with the digitizing and the vectorization world.

What we are looking for…

We are now looking for new authors and writers just like you who will write engaging embroidery content for our readers. Now, when we say engaging, it doesn’t mean you have curate such content that would redefine the digitizing or vectorization industry.

We need you to write and share stuff that either you have experienced, have thorough knowledge and/or bring some fresh perspective to an ordeal.

We are going to level with you. Now, writing for DigitEMB takes a little bit of work and research. As we don’t approve articles or blogs that are meant for spamming or link building. Kindly refrain from posting these stuff. This will only make us blue.

Use of Information

We truly want to succeed in posting your articles at DigitEMB. We will constantly motivate and even push you to make it there.

Once your article is accepted and approved you will receive an immensely positive feedback from our side. Then, you will be working in close proximity to the editor-in-chief on revisions.

Even though the work may be a little challenging but it reaps a lot of rewards as well. For starters, your article(s) will be read by hundreds and thousands of readers. That may include publishers, clients, and even potential employers, constantly looking for a content curator.

Not only that, if you did research on a topic that you are already aware of, it will assist in bringing more knowledge in you.

What do you have to do?

It’s simple really. All you have to is curating an original, unplagiarized content that hasn’t been used on any platform or forum.

The more detailed your content is, it would be better for us and the readers to view and read your content. We would also be able to give our honest feedback.

We again request you that do not submit us any sales pitches or press releases

Our Publications Requirements

The requirements of our publications are not that of an ordeal. The minimum of words we usually publish ranges from 500 onwards, depending on the nature of the subject.

Custom Illustrations and infographics on your content are a plus. Your articles could be about tutorials, blogs, or a post. The content of your article should be thoroughly reread and scrutinized by your side prior to submitting to us.

The topics should also focus on the latest and current trends of the digitizing and vectorization industry.

Procedure for Submission

Once you have created an article or any other post, you have to send it to write@digitemb.com. We would like to have it into a format of google docs, Ms. Word or a pdf file format.

When you send the doc file to our email, the following procedures will commence,

  1. Our editor-in-chief scrutinizes all the submission emailed to us. The procedure takes up to 48 hours, so please be patient.
  2. Once your content is evaluated and if it doesn’t violate any of our policies. Then, we will posts your submission in our portal as well as notify you via email.
  3. After approval of the submission of your posts, we will still closely look after your submission for offensive comments, spams or any other comments that violate our policy.

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