Woody Woodpecker Free Embroidery Design

Woody Woodpecker Free Embroidery Design

10180 Charming Woody Woodpecker -Thumb


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SKU: 10180

Machine: Tajima

Size: H: 3.77 inches W: 2.69 inches | Stitches: 13554


Woody woodpecker is one of the most charming Looney Tunes characters who became a staple on its own accord. He was a bundle of fun to watch and highly endearing at all times. His whimsy and playfulness has been captured beautifully in this machine embroidery design, which uses the color scheme and design from the original character design of the Woody Woodpecker to honor the wonderful character in all its nostalgic glory. Woody Woodpecker is an anthropomorphic animated woodpecker who appeared in theatrical short films produced by the Walter Lantz animation studio and distributed by Universal Pictures during the Golden age of American animation. Though not the first of the screwball characters that became popular in the 1930s and 1940s, Woody is one of the most indicative of the type. Woody was created in 1940 by Lantz and storyboard artist Ben "Bugs" Hardaway, who had previously laid the groundwork for two other screwball characters, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, at the Warner Bros. cartoon studio in the late 1930s. Woody's character and design evolved over the years, from an insane bird with an unusually garish design to a more refined looking and acting character in the vein of the later Chuck Jones version of Bugs Bunny. Woody was originally voiced by prolific voice actor Mel Blanc, who was succeeded by Danny Webb, Kent Rogers, Ben Hardaway and finally by Grace Stafford, wife of Walter Lantz. Fun and playful personality are on full display in this charming Woody Woodpecker Free Embroidery Design, ready for use right away on any clothing of yours.

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