Wonderful Machine Embroidery Designs

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Wonderful Machine Embroidery Designs

Wonderful Machine Embroidery Designs in the World

Wonderful Machine Embroidery DesignMachine Embroidery and everything that happens in it is an industry within itself, complex, varied and sometimes too technical to make any sense for the outsiders. The process of Wonderful Machine Embroidery Designs creating a digitized design from scratch is a highly technical job, with a language of its own, to be interpreted and executed by the professional digitizers who do this process meticulously by taking care of not only the digitizing, but also making necessary adjustments in lieu of the type of design and the fabric it is being embroidered on.

Machine embroidery, especially in the more commercial sense, is different from the other forms of embroidery, be it traditional hand based, or free moving machine based, which is done by sewing/embroidering on an embroidery pattern. With machine embroidery, the scale of the embroidery is limited in terms of the capability of the machine. The higher end and more industrial of the machine work within bigger dimensions while the ones on the lower end to something more basic feature providing, they only have small dimensions to work within. It all depends on the business and what it is offering to its customers.

Machine embroidery is most commonly used for chest logo or design embroidery on shirts, t-shirts, and polos, be it for individual or fashion based used or by businesses, classic examples being the polo embroidery shirts for fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and uniforms for hospitals and military (among others). Embroidery on dresses is another common embellishment; more prominent in eastern countries, however, fashion retailers even in the west use them often to add dimensions to their garments.  Likewise, embroidery is common on denim trousers, sweaters, skirts and the newer trend of embroidered jacket backs. Pop Culture has always been a big factor to encourage demand for certain things and with celebrities wearing such jackets and shows like Sons of Anarchy showing jackets with skulls and other such motifs, the demand for jacket back embroidery increased manifold. Kids’ clothes come in basic shapes and colors and to differentiate and add some personality, they are usually machine embroidered with colorful designs.

Another big market where embroidery made its impact is the accessories market; most common and impactful use has been with the cap embroidery. With brands like Nike among other sporting bands to official leagues, souvenir based embroidery; digital embroidery on caps has been way too frequent. To make the embroidery stand out from the rest, the 3D puff is also added sometimes to give further dimension to the embroidery, cap itself and add pizazz to the overall look of the wearer. Other examples being bags, shoes, scarves and even machine embroidered jewelry is becoming a trend.

Apart from the fashion based needs, machine embroidery is also used within the bedding section, by embroidering letter motifs and other such designs onto towels, bath robes, blankets, pillow cases, bed sheets among others. Although they are available through retail outlets as well, still, mostly used by hotels and restaurants to imprint their belongings with their mark and furthermore, represent their brand throughout the entirety of the hosteling experience.

Machine embroidery designs themselves can be anything the user wants them to be. They can be as creative or as simple as the customer wants it to be. From simple lettering to detailed monograms, highly detailed, realistic animal art to illustrated cartoons, a splash of the colored landscape, to a black and white silhouette, all and much more of such designs can be achieved via the art of digital embroidery.

Digital Embroidery is not for everyone but can be, just choose the right partners like us at DigitEMB and let us help you propel your embroidery business further with our exceptional digitized designs available at the most reasonable prices on the market.

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