What is Digitizing

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What is Digitizing

What is Digitizing?

What is digitizing

What is digitizing? The process of conversion an artwork into the digital form is called digitizing. It is referred to the art of taking an image or text and then using high speed sophisticated machines. This image or text is transferred to the program which runs and controls these machines and then the design is recreated in embroidery. Technically, this term refers to the process of converting analog data into digital information. Digital information is the type of information that is saved in the form of binary digits. For example the scanning of any data is the process of converting that data into a digital form. Similarly this can be related to embroidery as well. Artwork is prepared and stitches are applied to create a digital impression of an image so that it can be employed to use on a computer aided embroidery machine.

Although technology has made the process of normal stitching faster, efficient, and less expensive. Before it used to take days to complete even the simplest of embroidery work. But now because of these new digitizing processes, this whole process is carried out in minutes. But still there are some drawbacks as well. First, you need to buy a sophisticated machine. These machines are very expensive and they require immense care and precautions to operate. Second, you need a skilled operator to control and run them in order to produce the design of you choice.

The Digitizing of embroidery has taken the art of embroidery to new heights. Because of well placed stitching, now an embroider design has been taken to new heights, thanks to the depth and shine this highly precise stitching. Digitizing also takes into account the type of fabric which should be used and which would suit the design the most.

We need to take into account the requirements of the machine first. After the image is digitized, it is saved in the required format of the machine on which we will perform the work. The file has a series of few coordinates and commands which are required to inform the machine about our required designs and patterns, what colors to use, when and where to stop, trim, when to change color etc. In the past machines used to understand only one language but now they are a lot more user friendly.

Now the question comes that what is digitizing & how you can create an embroidery design? For this purpose, several software is in the markets which are designed as per user requirements and needs. These Digitizing software come with a variety of features and prices. The availability of such a wide range of software has given the users multiple options to choose from.

A lot of machines now come with software which helps to digitize the embroidery designs. These machines can either be of commercial use or of home use. But this availability does not make that software the best one or the right one for you. You need to keep this in mind that digitizing is not as simple as controlling a normal personal computer which you use at your home or office. It requires training, practice, and above all a talent to conceive and execute. If you are new to embroidery first focus on learning how to embroider rather than using that software. Once you get familiar with embroidery, then you can start using these software and improve you sewing techniques.