What Is Applique Embroidery

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What Is Applique Embroidery

What Is Applique Embroidery

What is Applique EmbroideryWhat is applique embroidery? This question can be answered by saying that it is crafting or needle work technique in which small pieces of cloth are stitched to a base cloth. Fabric are cut out in different shapes and sewn or glued onto the base. Appliques are made with ribbons, cords, beads sequins or any other materials. The applique material should be applied tightly. Apart from ornamental handmade applique designs it is also possible to make applique with a sewing machine. Some crafters take pleasure in applying paper applique, this paper applique is made complete replica of the textile design before applying it to the final project. Paperwork applique is easy. Usually young crafters are trained using this technique as long as their use of scissors is supervised. Appliques are also used to batches

For those who do not know that what is appliqué embroidery and from where it originated, this word appliqué comes from the work “appliqué” which is a French word and means to apply. This technique started hundreds of years back all over the world when people fixed their ripped clothes and they sew over the piece of cloth over the ripped cloth. It is also known as patch work and is widely used to create bright and distinctive designs in quilts and in clothes.

What is appliqué embroidery? What are it’s used? Well it is used significantly in making quilts especially in India and Pakistan. These quilts include Baltimore quilts, Hawaii quilts rally quilts etc.  American appliquéd embroidery includes, and they may also include multiple layers of applique for a more blooming, lavish textural and quality design. Handmade applique are very expensive when it is marketed because of the immense amount of time and hard work involved. Apart from traditionally appliqued textile embroidery, reverse applique are also in demand and some crafters use this technique. In this reverse applique technique lower layer is made visible when layers of fabric are sewn together and the top layers are cut away.  To make it more appealing regular applique is sewn together with reverse applique, and it is very common in quilting. The borders may be embroidered also for improving the appearance and for additional emphasis

Skilled workers using embroidery machines need to focus on what is appliqué embroidery while doing their work on program based machines. The programs have difficulty and complication of two thread colors, which means the machine stops during stitching to allow the person to switch threads. Firstly, the fabric and the applique fabric are sewn into the machine’s embroidery hoop.  A loose basting stitch over both layers of fabric is made by the machine. Then, the machine stops for a thread change, or other pre-programmed break. The person then slashes away the excess applique cloth from around the basting stitch.  The machine continues on program, automatically sewing the satin stitches and any decorative stitching over the applique for good quality product. After reading this article it will now be cleared to people that what is applique embroidery?

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