Tigger Free Embroidery Design

Bumbling and Tumbling Tigger Free Embroidery Design

Bumbling and Tumbling Tigger Embroidery Design

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  • Machine: Tajima
  • (4×4 Hoop) Size: H: 3.75 Inches W: 3.75 Inches | Stitches: 20252
  • (5×7 Hoop) Size: H: 4.79 Inches W: 4.79 Inches | Stitches: 28749
  • (6×6 Hoop) Size: H: 5.78 Inches W: 5.78 Inches | Stitches: 40515
  • (8×10 Hoop) Size: H: 7.74 Inches W: 7.74 Inches | Stitches: 64159
  • Colors: 6 ( Orange 1172 | Emerald Black 1000 | Golden 1064 | Pink 1309 | Maroon 1281 | Light Pink 1321 )


Winnie the Pooh and his band of friends defined a generation really. A generation of kids, who grew up on the morals, not only which they learned from their parents and school but also from their cartoon friends like Pooh and his bouncing friend Tigger.  Tigger was the offset point within the pooh franchise, as he was the mischievous one and showed greyer tones but still kept as light and refreshing for the young minds. His innocent ego and rambunctiousness were too good to be ignored. That sense of playfulness is showcased beautifully in this bumbling and tumbling Tigger Embroidery Design. In his classic animation counterpart colors, orange with black stripes, yellow details and face with pink cute button nose.

This embroidery design is available in 2 sizes and can be used on a broad range of garments, suited for the individual. This design has also been developed and provided in multiple machine formats to make it accessible for people to download and embroidery right away, without having the need to convert and optimize for their specific machines,

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  1. RB
    Aww, this would've been so much better with a happy Tigger... :-(
  2. I am still trying to get Bambi. I downloaded Thumper and would like Bambi to go along with it. thanks shared it like I was suppose to
    • Hi, Thanks for like and share our products, Joan if you want to download #Bambi so you need to visit our fb page :) Regards DigitEMB

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