The Big Red Brother Bird Terence Embroidery Design

The Big Red Brother Bird Terence Embroidery Design

77659 The Big Red Brother Bird Terence Embroidery Design

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SKU: 77659

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 3.61 Inches W: 4.00 Inches | Stitches: 19182

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 6.30 Inches W: 7.01 Inches | Stitches: 50232

Colors: Mild Grey 1287 | Fune / Sand 1066 | Maroon 1281 | Golden 1064 | Orange 1172 | Emerald Black 1000 | Super White 1001 | Red 1146 | Brown 1191 | Drak Brown 1158 | Light Pink 1321



Terence is said to be the eldest amongst all the red birds. Terence is one of the most favorite character of angry bird series, His physical appearance is quite unique comparative to other birds in the series. Terence is an extremely huge and a round shaped big bird with big eye brows who is very introvert and usually don’t speak with others. Since his childhood he has seen the cruelty of the pigs over innocent bird and these harsh memories has shaped him a bit defensive too. Actually he’s dull and lazy but cares about the other birds and always uses to guard their eggs from the greedy pigs. Red are the only birds to which Terence interacts in a friendly mood. Apart from the mentioned characteristics he’s also a love bird, he has a very serious crush over Matilda. During battle with the pigs Terence has roamed around different places and had now become a rough and tough bird. DigitEMB has prepared the Terence Embroidery Design which is a symbolic way of expressing and praising its character, and you’ll be amazed to know that you are one of those luckiest one who will get a chance to have this awesome blob of digitized embroidery free of cost.


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