Singer Embroidery Software

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Singer Embroidery Software

Easy and User-Friendly with Singer Embroidery Software

Singer Embroidery Software MachinesDigitizing and the entire process of creating digital embroidery files, ready to be executed by the embroidery machine is a technical process and as so, has a language of its own which can be tiring and complex to understand and process. Women at home, who want to embroider as a hobby would not spend hours and hours on creating these digitizing files themselves using complex software, which their machine would not even be able to execute as most are for commercial embroidery machines. Singer Embroidery Software did something quite ingenious, they created a software readable and executable by their machines, which is also offered by almost every other machine on the market, but more importantly, being mindful of their customer base, they created probably the easiest to understand and operate embroidery software with more stored designs and designing capabilities that any home based embroiderers would want.

Singer Embroidery Software machines come with internally stored embroidery designs, however, are in limited quantity. Singer also has software which home embroiderers can buy that has 3900 embroidery designs ready to be executed by the Singer Embroidery Software machine. Moreover, SINGER FUTURA Multi-Hoop Embroidery Designs CD-ROM is also available for FUTURA machines, which has 40 embroidery design layouts that can be customized slightly before being embroidered. These layouts are capable of being used with the endless hopping ability of Singer machines.

Singer not only provides with its own designs but also has software which can create embroidery files off of another source. One such is SINGER FUTURA Auto Punch Software which is able to turn any image, artwork, or self-created design file into a machine readable embroidery file with just a few button clicks unlike the professional, commercial embroidery software. Others are SINGER FUTURA Photo Stitch Software which can turn personal photos into embroidery files, again readable by the Singer embroidery machines and SINGER FUTURA Hyper Font Software which are able to convert TrueType font into embroidery font files as well which in turn can be embroidered by the Singer FUTURA embroidery machines.

While these are, more or less automated, Singer also has embroidery editing software, SINGER FUTURA™ Advanced Editing Software, which enables the embroiderer to edit the embroidery design files with things like alterations and choosing stitch types as well in the least tedious manner.

The singer is a good embroidery machine with easier to understand software but basic at best, for more professional, intricate and customizable embroidery, be it only digitizing or the machine embroidery itself, contact DigitEMB right away.

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