Ribbon Embroidery

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Ribbon Embroidery

Fascinating and Eye-Catching Ribbon Embroidery Designs

Fascinating and Eye Catching Ribbon Embroidery DesignsEmbroidery is a very vast art. It has got in numerous forms and no doubt all of them are unique and beautiful in its own way. Ribbon embroidery is one of these many amazing yet beautiful kinds of embroidery. The most popular type is the silk-ribbon embroidery in which silk ribbons, pearl cotton and embroidery floss is used to create pretty floral motifs or decorative stitch patterns on the garments, accessories and other stuff. Besides the garments, ribbon embroidery is done in many showpieces, tablecloths, pillowcases and bed sheets, and accessories such as purses, clutches, choker, necklaces and earpieces.

Ribbon embroidery is an antique form of art. This beautiful form of embroidery dates back to 1700s. It is quite easy and actually fun to do. Beautiful floral motifs can be created to embellish your clothing, quilts and many more items. It can be created with just a few easy stitches. The process is quite easy. For every design made with the ribbon, there are different types of stitches used. The ribbons used in ribbon embroidery are easily available in every needlework shops. These ribbons come in variety of length, width, and thickness. It is better to use ribbons which are less thick but more wide because the wider the width the more prominent will be your work. The needles used for ribbon embroidery are quite different than your regular stitching needles. Because for the ribbon to pass, the eye of the needle has to be big. Therefore, the needles for ribbon are comparatively sharper and have wider eye than the regular needle.

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