Redwork Embroidery

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Redwork Embroidery

Simply Beautiful with Redwork Embroidery

Redwork EmbroideryRedwork embroidery is one of the oldest methods of embroidery, still found prominently within the embroidery culture of today. From pillows, bed sheets, towels, couch throws, even on garments, redwork embroidery is still prevalent, even if not in the most historically accurate manner. Beginning in the Victorian era, around the 1800s, the only red thread was colorfast, i.e. would not lose color after being dyed, so was the only thread used for this sort of embroidery, hence called redwork embroidery. The embroidery itself is simple, consisting of simple line drawing being stitched over a white or off-white fabric, usually, muslin, using a single colored thread using Kensington stitches, now commonly known as backstitching or outline stitching. Throughout the ages, when different colorfast threads became available, women used it in their embroidery as well, blue thread embroidery being called blue-work embroidery and green called green work. As the designs are simple and the stitching technique is relatively simple, this type of embroidery is quick and easy to sew, more so because the gaps are not filled in redwork embroidery designs. For people starting to learn the art of hand embroidery, they are usually asked to perform embroidery on simple and basic redwork embroidery patterns.

redwork embroidery although relatively simple is exquisite to look at, hence still being in demand nowadays. However, with the changes in the aesthetic, people wanted more complex designs than simple traced line drawings and thus redwork became mechanized and redwork machine embroidery took over the traditional redwork embroidery. Utilizing the technology redwork machine embroidery designs became more intricate and artistic than ever possible. Fashion designers use this mode of embroidery often to enhance their looks and considering the trend of minimalism being significantly strong at the moment, machine embroidery redwork sewn apparel, are in more demand than they ever were.

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