Red Angry Bird Embroidery Design

The Angriest: Red Angry Bird Embroidery Design

Angry Red Free Embroidery Design

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SKU: 77657

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 3.86 Inches W: 4.00 Inches | Stitches: 18093

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 6.80 Inches W: 7.00 Inches | Stitches: 47896

Colors: Red 1146 | Super White 1001 | Emerald Black 1000 | Fune / Sand 1066 | Golden 1064 | Orange 1172 | Maroon 1281



The animated series of angry bird is full of interesting and funny characters but it is obviously not possible that every imaginable bird in this series must be cool and calm. In this article we will be discussing about not just the angry bird but the angriest one on the island of the cheeriest birds. Yes, you got it right it is the red angriest bird who is bit of an outcast because of his cherish red color and his angry looks always has kept him distinguished from the other birds. Replicating the original visualization of this character our skilled digitizers had embroidered this Red Angry Bird Embroidery Design using the best and appropriate embroidery digitizing technologies and formed an awesome piece of design which is naturally irresistible. Plus, you might be shocked to know that by simply sharing this article you will be getting this Red Angry Bird Embroidery Design free of cost for a limited period time. So, share and win!

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  1. LOVE the design and thank you for the freebie
    • Hi, Margaret! Thank you so much for like and love our design :) Hope you got it. Regards DigitEMB
  2. i have registered now how do i get the designs now please tell me
    • Hi, Evelyn! You just need t share the design any of the above mentined social medias and then email us a screenshot of your shared. So we will check and confirmed your shared ang will give you the download link hope you understand :) Thanks! Regards DigitEMB
  3. Thank you for the free design. My grandson will love it!
    • Your welcome! Joan :)

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