Punching Embroidery

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Punching Embroidery

Punching Embroidery

Punching EmbroideryPunching embroidery patterns as well as punch embroidery designs are limited to be embroidered by the help of a punch machine for embroidery. These can be accessed for free from internet. Punching embroidery results in the yield of cute embroidery. An embroidery punching software performs the embroidery punching in the best way it can. Embroidery puncher is the one who is basically conducting the whole process of punching embroidery.

A tuft and lift form of embroidery work is termed as punch needle embroidery work. It is similar in looks to a carpet. Punch embroidery is created by the help of floss threads of embroidery and a particular void needle. The brand as well as the type of tools of punch is available in a bunch quantity. These are operated by 2 ways i.e. manually as well as by the help of a battery. All these types have the same way of working. Every tool of punch is occupied by 3 things. These include the beveled needle, threader and lastly the guidelines. Punching embroidery is used for the decoration of cloths and several other materials. It is the form of embroidery which is created at a faster speed.

The embroidery punching machine can easily be used by following the given instructions. These include:

A pattern is selected for your project of embroidery and its resizing is done. The pattern is shifted on the back side of the clothing material by the help of transfer or trace paper. For this purpose, the guidelines given by the manufacturer should be followed.

Punch tool is used for the drawing of the floss. The threader is pushed on the upper side by the help of point of needle. This is carried on till its appearance is made on the peak of the punch tool. Floss is inserted by the help of threader. Threader is pulled in such a way that it carries floss back from the punch tool as well as the ray of needle. At this instance, two or three inches of the floss will be left. Threader is removed. Thread is inserted in the needle. By the way of needle eye, the threader is inserted in the horizontal plane. The floss is inserted by the help of threader. Floss is pulled by the help of needle eye.

The fabric is securely and tightly hooped in the Hooper of the embroidery. The needle is hold perpendicularly to the clothing material. You can make start from one phase of the patterns. The needle is punched in and then it is pulled out very soothingly. It will result in the creation of a loop on the front side. The needle is punched back at a distance of 1 inch from the 1st stitch. The needle is again pulled out smoothly. The same stitching pattern is followed throughout the process of embroidery for the creation of various Punch embroidery patterns as well as punch embroidery designs. Glue may be used for the securing the floss.