Puff Embroidery

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Puff Embroidery

Puff Embroidery

Puff EmbroideryThere are so many special types of embroideries which people are doing and especially the embroidery is done on clothes. If you think to start a business and earn a good profit then you can select the embroidery business that bests suits your life. You will surely earn good profit in this business and will receive good response of the people. You can search on internet for more orders on embroidery. There are lots of people who are not doing puff embroidery and they are not doing it. Some companies are giving embroidery orders and also guiding you to do under stitching because there are many people who are not doing this and just finishing the work without completing the work and asking for payment. There are many functions of puff embroidery and it is essential to do this embroidery for the quality work and pleasing the customer which has selected you to perform this work for him. If you will do your best then there are many chances that the person can become your permanent customer and can also guide his relatives to get their embroidery work done by you. This will increase you’re earning and you will become famous for the embroidery work.

The Puff Embroidery will make your dress look better and people will appreciate it when they will see your dress. You will also feel well while hearing about the appreciation of your dress. You can make more customers by providing them good, attractive and high quality work so that every time they choose you for the task of embroidery. When you will get more orders and customers then you and also increase your rates on embroidery work and people will happily agree with it and in this way your profit will increase.

Puff embroidery can be done easily and many garments companies considered it very important and they will not pay you if you will not do this. The embroidery business is receiving a positive response of the people and those people who are involved in this business is satisfied with their profits and they are trying to spread their work more and more to earn more money. Many different outlets are opened all over the world so that you can go to place your order for embroidery work. Many people are attached with this business and they do not want to leave it they are happy with it. There are many clothing items available which have embroidery done on them. Other than clothing items, hats too have logos and designs embroidered as well as do bags and other accessories. Sometimes, the embroidery is raised from the surface and gives the embroidery a 3-D effect. This kind of embroidery is known as puff embroidery.

Puff Embroidery is an offshoot of stumpwork. Stump work is a kind of embroidery style in which the figures are raised from the base of the material hence giving a three dimensional look. There are many ways in which this kind of three dimensional look can be created. Generally, in order to give a 3-d look, the embroidery is done on the base cloth after which it is attached to another cloth. This makes the object look as though it has a 3-d effect however this is simply an illusion. Most of the common design elements which are used in this kind of embroidery style are flowers, petals and logos. Stump work is also done on wire frames which are then sewn onto the base cloth.

A subcategory of stump work is puff embroidery. This kind of embroidery is generally made use in production embroidery on machines which operate automatically. The procedure of this embroidery includes making use of a foam rubber. This foam rubber is placed down and the size of this foam is generally larger than what the actual shape of the embroidery is likely to be. Once the foam is placed down, the shape of the embroidery is done on the foam rubber in a way that the penetrations from the needles cuts through the foam and around the outer edges of the shape to be embroidered. Once the embroidery is done, the excess remaining foam is pulled away. Instead of being pulled, there is also an option of it being cleaned up and there are several ways of doing either of these. By doing so, the area around the design becomes clean but the foam remains in place under the design itself hence giving a 3-d look. This is how this particular kind of embroidery is similar to the effects of stump work.

Even though stumpwork and puff embroidery have a similar kind of embroidery tactic behind it, stumpwork is generally considered to be a better version amongst the two. The techniques used in stumpwork result in intricate designs which latter do not generally have. Puff embroidery is used very commonly on everyday items such as jackets, baseball caps and t-shirts. Various kinds of designs are embroidered on to them making use of this technique; designs such as a team mascot or a logo are the very common design ideas.

This kind of embroidery is definitely a very easy and interesting way of giving a 3-d look to a variety of items. It helps in bringing about a classier look than 2-d embroidery which is quite flat and which tends not to show on items most of the time.