Preference of Custom Embroidery Digitizing over Screen Printing

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Preference of Custom Embroidery Digitizing over Screen Printing

Custom Embroidery Digitizing over Screen Printing

Preference of Custom Embroidery Digitizing over Screen Printing

A Custom Embroidery Digitizing pattern expert digitizer knows the worth of embroidery along with all the Difference between Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing. Although, silk screening has its own positivity, but it can never fade away the delight and advantages of custom embroidery patterns and designs. In many cases, embroidery is preferred on screen printing. We will give all Pros & Cons of Custom Embroidery digitizing & Silk Screening. Also, we will tell you about the conditions when it would be better to give the judgment in favor of custom embroidery work.

There are some important and worthy details that must be kept in mind, when you are dealing with the advertisement of promotional items. There are so many products that do not go well either with screen printing or custom embroidery. The product distributor or the printing company should be capable to give various suggestions about the use of custom embroidery instead of screen printing (which is also known as silk screening) or vice-versa.

When to Prefer Embroidery over Printing or Screening:

  • The embroidery is more expensive as compare to screen printing, if we look in general. But the other universal fact is that custom embroidery lasts longer than a screened or printed image.
  • Now-a-days, the conversion of a logo into digitized image has minimized the completion time of making custom embroidery digitized patterns. It has also fastened the turnaround time. On the basis of the number of stitches used in custom embroidery, the cost of custom embroidery is determined. If custom embroidery image is large, more stitched would be made that will raise the cost ultimately. On the other hand, number of colors used does not matter additional price, as the setup for the custom embroidery machine is usually one-time. For digitizing the custom embroidery pattern or design, one-time charge is set as the computer of digitized embroidery machine reads the file. So always keep it in mind that more stitches will increase the details as well as worth of the custom embroidery image. Furthermore, many of the times, only one set-up charges would be paid for custom embroidery as the digital image will be saved in the disk of embroidery machine that can be used later in future.
  • Custom embroidery is a better choice than screen printing, when you have to imprint a logo on a fuzzy, thick or rough surface material, for e.g. fleece. Many new and special custom embroidery designs like 3-D, appliqué, and chenille can also serve you great as specialty custom embroidery. Among all imprint methods available, custom embroidery is the best and most beautiful. For custom embroidery purpose, satin thread is used basically, but now many other options are also available to make embroidery more elegant, for e.g. metallic and matte threads etc.
  • As custom embroidery digitizing is more costly than screen printing, it would be a better option to advertize on small quantity of promotional products instead of hundreds of items. The preferred choice for a logo on a shirt pocket or a ball cap is a custom embroidery patch. Furthermore, custom embroidery has perfect quality with precision.
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