Polo Embroidery

Polo Embroidery

Polo Embroidery

Online Polo Shirts

There are many brands of polo shirts. These shirts are made by different famous brands and even those companies which are not that famous also sell these polo shirts. Polo embroidery is done on all types of polo shirts. These shirts come in different sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra-large. A huge variety of colors are also available on the websites as well as on different shops which sell polo shirts. Those who sell their polo shirts online they also use different varieties of materials depending on the choice of the customers.


A Versatile Product

When it comes to embroidery polo shirts are the most useful product. polo shirts is done on different positions like on the right sleeve, across the shoulder or on the neck. The most common design is the embroidery which is done on the left chest. Those who are lorry or delivery drivers there company logo is embroidered on the right sleeve of the polo shirt.

Different Embroidered Polo Shirts

These kind of embroidered polo shirts are another way for advertising the business. Many people embroider their names on their polo shirts. These embroideries are done with different colors, logos and names. Those who have an online business of polo shirts, people order them different types of logos, names and monograms to be embroidered on polo shirts. The more the embroidery is done on the polo shirts the more prices the customers will pay. Different types of threads are used on these polo shirts. The most commonly used thread for polo embroideries is satin. This thread is still used no matter if digital embroidery is done too. There are many other options for threads. The other options used for doing embroidery on polo shirts are threads like glow in the dark and metallic sheen threads.

Polo Shirts

Golf shirt, tennis shirt, T- shaped shirt with two or three buttons, a collar and a pocket which is optional all these shirts are known as polo shirts. The cloths usually used for making polo shirts are knitted cloth, pique cotton, merino wool, synthetic fibers or least commonly silk rather than not woven cloth. Few years back these shirts were only worn by tennis players, golf players and by many other people too. With the passage of time a new trend came when these polo shirts were worn by girls and boys with shorts, jeans and slacks.


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