Pluto Dog Embroidery Design

Amusing and Spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design

Amusing and Spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design

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SKU: 77513

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 3.85 Inches W: 3.99 Inches | Stitches: 17725

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 6.79 Inches W: 7.00 Inches | Stitches: 44542

Colors: Dark Brown 1158 | Emerald Black 1000 | Golden 1064 | Light Blue 1045 | Red 1156 | Super White 1001



Dog is a man’s best friend and so is for a mouse apparently, Pluto is the most faithful companion and only pet Mickey Mouse ever needed. It is loyal and caring but as a standalone character, is enjoyable and funny on its own self. Its loving nature, coupled with its likable personality, Pluto made its place in the hearts of the millions of people around the globe. This amusing and spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design captured the youthful and lively energy of a young Pluto, in his most adorable state. Big googly eyes, protruding red tongue, yellow body, blue tag and black ears and tail all represent this character in even more endearing light.

This design is available in 2 sizes, hence can be used on multiple sets of garments, from a children’s t-shirt to a bigger scaled dress, shirt and more. Furthermore, to facilitate our diverse set of customers even more, we have made this embroidery design available in multiple design file formats, enabling you to embroider the design right away, without any need for conversion or editions.

Now onto the best part, this digital embroidery design is our gift to you. Yes, you read it right, this amazing Pluto Dog Embroidery Design is available for you to download and use right away, free of cost.

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  1. Joan Beedle
    He is so cute. Looks like his tail is wagging. Just a baby.Joan Beedle
  2. Joan Beedle
    Can I download this now??? How Joan
    • Hi Joan! Absolutely you can download it. just visit the freebies page that you can see on the above menu. Once you visited you will see a section to watch our how to download free designs video it will help you to unlock and download our free designs.
  3. baby bib cute

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