Minnie Mouse Embroidery Design

Fun & Playful Minnie Mouse Embroidery Design

77309 Fun & Playful Minnie Mouse Embroidery Design by DigitEMB

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SKU: 77309

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 04 Inches W: 2.91 Inches | Stitches: 18233

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 07 Inches W: 5.10 Inches | Stitches: 40798

Colors: Emerald Black 1000 | Fune/ Sand 1066 | Golden 1064 | Light Pink 1321| Red 1156 |Super White 1001



Disney is the one of the most recognized name in the entire world. Walt Disney built an empire based upon simple cartoon characters and giving life to them through the art of animation. One of the first characters to help put Disney on the map is none other than everyone’s favorite Minnie Mouse, famous for her loving, playful and flirtatious nature. She is considered as one of the first female empowering characters and helped pave way for other strong female characters. This Fun and playful Minnie Mouse Embroidery Design captured her exuberance and flamboyancy in the most appropriate way. It is still kid friendly yet has enough accents and authenticity to appeal to the grown-ups alike. In her classic red polka dot dress, with a bow resting between her mouse ears, big smile and golden yellow slippers, everything is working in tandem in this digital embroidery design. Available in two sizes to be applicable on multiple sets of garments, from something small like a chest detail on a shirt or dress, accessories like bag and pouches to something large like jacket back as well.


Now onto the best part, this digital embroidery design is our gift to you. Yes, you read it right, this amazing Minnie Mouse Embroidery Design is available for you to download and use right away, free of cost.

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    • where are you shared can you please send us that link?
  2. I could not download Minnie Mouse either - I did share as well.
    • Can you please tell us where are you share this design?
  3. I also shared with my friends on fb and it won't download for me either!!!
    • Hi Beva don't worry we are sending you this design to your email address!
      • Can you send my design to my email too Please. Thank you. Been having troubles for a month. Can't even get my user name/password to work. I can't even Re Register. Thank you Rhoda Bailey
    • We are trying to send you design but it said your email address is wrong can you inbox us your email address so we will send it again. Thanks Regards DigitEMB
  4. I shared the Minnie Mouse design but can't figure out how to download it . Please help
  5. The Minnie design is beautiful but I wonder if it is legal, especially with Disney being so protective of its brand.
  6. Please help me. I shared minnie Mouse but can't figure out how to download it . Help
  7. I shared on Facebook
    • Thanks have you got this design??
  8. i have shared and still cant download thank you for any help
    • Dear Susan, You have to share through the Unlock button in the article body then you will get the download link, If you still cant download it, let us know we will email you the design. Thank You.
  9. Shared unable to download?
    • Hi, Nancy! If you are shared this design so please email us a screenshot of your shared and we will send you download link on your email address. Thanks! Regards DigitEMB
  10. I have shared Minnie Mouse and can't download it. Plz email it to me!
    • Hi, Pat! Don't worry just email us screenshot of your shared. Then we will send it to you! Regards DigitEMB
  11. I was not able to down load this free design I like and shared it on facebook
  12. I am having a problem downloading from your site please help
    • Hi, Sharon! Don't worry just share it through the above social plugin Like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ choose any one of them and once you done! The download button will be visible instantly. :) Regards DigitEMB
  13. Thanks! I shared on Facebook and it downloaded right away!
  14. Thank you so much! She's adorable!
    • You're most welcome @Midge Estes :) Admin
  15. Cant downloasded your designs
    • Dear kindly watch our how to download free embroidery designs video that is available on our Facebook page video section :) It will help you to download our free designs :)
  16. many thanks
  17. I was able to download, but when I try to open the file it just causes my files to crash.
    • Hi Holly! Do not worry about that we will send it to you at your email address that you putted during the comment. :) Olivia
  18. She is beautiful, thank you so much
  19. Shirle
    Thank you she is so cute!

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