Jovial and Quirky Bugs Bunny Embroidery Design

Jovial and Quirky Bugs Bunny Embroidery Design


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SKU: 10142

Machine: Tajima

Size: H: 3.82 Inches W: 2.28 Inches

Stitches: 12460

Colors: 7 | Super White 1001 | MIde Gray 1287 | Emerald Black 1000 | Pink 1309 | Red 1146 | Orange 1172 | Green 1249



Bugs Bunny has set the benchmark in the animated industry since the late '30s. He is well-known for being clever and outsmarting anyone who tries to cause trouble for him. In this embroidery design, he is standing nonchalantly looking over the antagonist (or in this case us) and saying his famous catchphrase "What's up doc?". While he chomps down his beloved carrot. Apart from this, the design has so much detail on his outlook from his buck teeth, pointy ears to even a long torso.

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