Janome Embroidery

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Janome Embroidery

Janome Embroidery Hidden Snake of the Home

Janome EmbroideryJanome is one of the most visionary businesses in the home sewing and embroidery machine market. While most manufacturers, in this sector, focused on the ease and trying to make most profitable machines, Janome has always been about revolutionizing the technology of their innovative machines to present the home embroiderers with the same level of expertise available for the commercial embroiderers. They made the computerized sewing machine technology accessible for the home sewers making the sewing process automated and less laborious, first company to offer the Janome Embroidery machines with the output quality like the professional, heavy duty commercial machines, making embroidery process more efficient, cost effective and less time consuming and furthermore, introduced the long-arm quilting machine for the home customers. So all in all, Janome can be called the pioneers of home sewing and embroidery market as they made all the industrial machinery available for the women at home by keeping all the technology but making it concise enough to suit the home sewers and embroiderers.

Janome offers variety of machines, in different price ranges, dependent on the number of features each machine offers, and they also have highly effective combination machines which is like all in one solution for home sewers and embroiders, enabling them to sew, embroider and quilt every garment of theirs with ease and comfort, in their home, using only one machine. The only other things needed are creativity and the Janome embroidery threads to make the magic happen.

Janome embroidery machines are highly efficient like the combination ones. Although being one of the most expensive machines in the market right now, conversely though, have enough features to justify its costs. Janome embroidery machine has the automatic thread cutter, an innovative technique making the end design come out as pristine and meticulous as possible. It’s huge LCD screen is easy to handle and has one of the biggest possible embroidery dimensions to work within, much wider than the other home embroidery machines. Moreover, like most other machines, it also offers the option of importing Janome embroidery designs sourced from the internet or digitized via embroidery software, which can be embroidered onto the fabric. However, it also has iPad compatibility, which enables the users to use Janome embroidery apps on their iPad to create and edit designs that can later be embroidered with machines such as the exceptionally advanced Janome 350e embroidery machine.

Janome prides and markets itself as being the ultimate home sewing and embroidery machines manufacturer but it also offers commercially viable embroidery machines which are still easy to use but have the functionality one would expect from commercial embroidery machines.

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