Iron Man Embroidery Design

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Iron Man Embroidery Design

Powerful and Cool Iron Man Embroidery Design

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SKU: E-10026

(Design: 1) Size & Stitches: H: 04 Inches W: 2.53 Inches | Stitches: 13572

(Design: 2) Size & Stitches: H: 07 Inches W: 4.03 Inches | Stitches: 26910

Colors: Emerald Black 1000 | Golden 1064 | Light Grey 1010 | Mlde Grey 1287 | Orange 1172 | Red 1146 | Sky 1094| Super White 1001



Iron Man has always been a famous superhero within the Marvel roster, however with the new found interest because of the Iron Man and Avenger movies, this fictional character’s star is at an all-time high. Iron Man is famous for his colorful personality, which is amusing to read and watch, matched with his billionaire antics, love for technology, he has become a role model for avid comic book readers, world over. His superhero self, in his classic iron red suit with yellow/golden accents, his deadly gauntlets ( which he uses to shoot repulsor rays) and his blue magnetic chest plate, that keeps him alive, all of these nuances are captured in this exquisitely cool and powerful Iron Man Embroidery Design meticulously. The use of colors is as close to the actual character, even the gradations and small details match the indents and elements within the actual comic book character and his pose is the iconic Iron Man pose where he is levitating in midair and ready to shoot deadly rays from the palm of his gauntlets.

Now onto the best part, this digital embroidery design is our gift to you. Yes, you read it right, this amazing Iron Man Embroidery Design is available for you to download and use right away, free of cost.


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