Basically, a vector image is properly defined with mathematical compositions. The hidden truth which no one tells you about vectorizing image is the format of the designs which is made with shapes, polygons, and permanent axis. These line arts are non-blurry nor pixelate. Vectorizing bitmap or raster image to vector through illustrator is much easier than other software. Even there are many other ways to vectorize image, especially for brand logos. These vector format files are magnified to the greatest extent, as it is composed of geometric size and width. All vectorize image is also used for screen printing and with a lot more. We have also been discussing the conversion and making of vector files in different blogs. Our company specialists are working or vector format for years, which are demanded and trendy right now.

Hence, to vectorize the image in a proper way that it can’t lose image quality when magnified. The vectorization tools like Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, and etc. are used, but all software has different aspects of options to change the format of the image.

Company Reference:

DigitEMB with worth professionals are working with best available presets in 5 tracing panels and other in the drop-down; Auto color, High color, Low color, Grayscale,  Black, and White. The company maintains their new designs on the official website and also on the Facebook page, from where any client can also download these files. It is the first priority to serve best designs to their clients. With affordable prices and allow customers to recheck and make adjustments in respective order by company experts within 15 days.

You have been in the right place for ordering your brand logo and vector to be designed by DigitEMB. Customer support is available 24/6 and our experts complete the whole conversion of vector image in 3-24 hours and in urgent orders 1-8 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals, as these vectorize image are designed under best supervision. These designs are also checked many times before by experts to make them error free before delivering to the client.

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