Gloves Digitizing

Gloves In Vogue Via Gloves Digitizing

Gloves Digitizing

There is something antiquated and regal about a glove and has been a staple fashion accessory since the 13th century when it moved from just serving as armor to enhance the overall ensemble of the women of then. From Victorian era, gloves became more mainstream, however their prominence has dwindled a bit in the modern times of today. Still, fashion is always evolving and new ideas are implemented on already established articles of clothing, reinventing them for the current time. Thus Gloves Digitizing came into prominence and established its own lane within the digital embroidery world.

From different types of embroidery like sequins and puff embroidery to completely different styles of embroidery like floral, seasonal and even used to represent a specific brand as part of the appeal of the actual glove, this commodity’s demand has grown exponentially within the last few years. Even big designers and fashion labels have incorporated embroidered gloves within their own looks helping the cause as well.

Our technologically apt and highly experienced digitizers can turn any and all of your designs into highly effective customized gloves embroidery digitized designs, all according to the specifications provided to us by the customer when submitting the design. As said, specialized forms of embroidery like sequins and puff can be utilized to give embroidery much more elegance and pizazz then with just regular machine embroidery.

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