General Rules for Digitized Custom Hat Embroidery Digitizing

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General Rules for Digitized Custom Hat Embroidery Digitizing

General Rules for Digitized Custom Hat Embroidery

DigitEMB brings you the ultimate Guide for Digitizing Custom Hat Embroidered Digitized. Follow these rules and tricks to become a pro in custom hat digitizing and embroidery. For digitizing on six-panel hats, these are two basic rules. The first one is that custom embroidery design for hats must be started at the bottom where it is most firmly held by the frame. The other rule is that one side at a time also makes it easier to handle if you start from the center where the seam creates bulk and toughness and work out to each side. These two rules tend to create more color changes and trims in the finished hat design rather than doing digitizing of design a one.

You can also face Problems during Digitized Custom Hat Embroidery of a six-panel hat especially when a fill pattern is placed on top of the center seam of hat. A valley is created due to falling of threads into seam that also prevents a smooth fill throughout the specific portion of the digitized custom hat embroidery design. To sort out this issue, a column is digitized over the center seam of hat followed by placement of fill pattern.

The surface is leveled up by column. Column also prevents thread breaking along with giving an excellent appearance. When you are using this technique, it is important for the digitizer to centre the design and for the embroiderer to start with the needle dead center over the seam. If these Preventive Measures of Custom Hat Embroidery are not followed, column will not fall on the seam and a hill in the fill pattern is created that is much worst than the original issue.

On six-pane hats, fill patterns with a diagonal stitch direction should not be used. This is because diagonal stitches push the fill outside of the border due to instability of sides of hat in hoop. This problem should be corrected at digitizing step as embroiderer cannot deal with it. Straight across fills are best of all but these can also run up and own. Embroidery machines are usually not compatible with up and down fills which also don’t cover particularly over the center seam. Vertically running fill has more thread breaks problems than horizontally running fills.

The above rules are not applied on soft hats including five-panel hats, bucket hats and unstructured hats. The reason is that in the hat frame, softer hats can easily be flattened. These hats can be embroidered with designs digitized for flat production easily by using good solid grip and appropriate backing.

Problems also occur during hooping of visor in the hat frame. Although the design of digitized custom hat embroidery can be as wide as the hoop allows, but the working space is only about one inch tall. Secondly, in a conventional frame, no support is available for the top of the visor. Simple and smaller custom hat embroidery designs are the best among all. By hooping backing, stability of visors can be achieved. A flat hoop with sticky backing can also be used for visors. Follow Troubleshooting of Custom Hat Digitized Embroidery or contact us for placing your order NOW!

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