Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Custom Embroidered Hat

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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Custom Embroidered Hat

Everything You Need To Know About Ordering A Custom Embroidered Hat

If ever a time comes in your life when you want to put a custom embroidered logo on your hat, then this article is going to help you a lot. It is really easy to order a custom embroidered hat digitizing online via learning some Frequently Asked Question about Ordering Custom Hat Logo Embroidery Online. Check below:

Q#1:    Which other promo items can I have embroidered?

Ans:     Apart from custom hat embroidery digitizing, you can embroider polo shirts, jackets, pad folios, backpacks, towels, coolers, tote bags, blankets, shirts and other apparels too. For the full list of items or our specification, simply go to our homepage and search for custom embroidery.

Q#2:    What is the advantage of custom hat embroidery digitizing instead of screen printed hats?

Ans:     Custom embroidery on hats does fade away with time unlike screen printing and it stands out also. Without having to pay extra, you can employ multiple colors of stitches in your custom embroidered hat designs and logos. Also, custom embroidery is better for fuzzy apparel where screen printing cracks out.

Q#3:    What type of artwork for custom hat embroidery digitizing is needed?

Ans:     You are lucky because vector artwork is required for majority of the promotional products distributors for your order processing, which is not the case with custom embroidered hat. We also encourage vector artwork, but high-quality image file will work also because we digitize all of the images to program them in the Embroidery Digitizing Machines for Custom Embroidery on Hats. Image should be bigger in case of any raster artwork (.jpeg, .gif, etc.) as clearer images yield better quality custom embroidery.

Q#4:    What is digitizing?

Ans:     Digitizing involves transformation of image artwork into a digital file that can be read be digitized embroidery machines. After loading digital file, custom embroidery is stitched out via embroidery machines on the hats or caps. Digitizing helps the digitizer to know about number of stitches required for completion of whole Custom Embroidery Designs on Hats.

Q#5:    Who perform digitizing process?

Ans:     For digitizing artwork, different companies offer different fess and policies. We also have Hat/Cap Digitizing Services for your design or logo custom embroidery. Our representatives will work with you on the basis of the custom embroidery on hats to make the best of it.

Q#6:    What is meant by Stitch Count?

Ans: Stitch count is the number of stitches needed for the completion of Custom Embroidery Logo or Design on the Cap or Hat. Stitch count is directly proportional to the worth of the embroidery design and garment.

There are many other facts and figures that should be considered before ordering custom hat embroidery. Some are listed below:

  1. How is the stitch count of my logo determined?
  2. What is the embroidery process like?
  3. What thread colors can I use?
  4. What can I do to make sure my item looks fantastic?
  5. Can I use multiple thread colors on my items?
  6. Can I have garments embroidered in more than one location?
  7. How quickly can I get my items?

In short, it would be better for the client to first check the frequently asked questions section before placing any order. If the section is not available, then go for the online chat with representative window. It can save your money and time and you will also get a better Know-How about the Custom Hat Embroidery Digitizing Order details.


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