Embroidery Placements

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Embroidery Placements

How to Prepare an Object For Embroidery Placements

Embroidery PlacementsEmbroidery Placements is the defined area where the embroidery is to be placed on the given fabric or dress. For the dress to look elegant after the embroidery work has been finished, extra care is needed. As any wrong placement of embroidery on the dress, can destroy the beauty of dress and the impression we wanted to create after getting the dress embroidered, it shall be zero too.

Here, we shall discuss the few kinds of placements, which can make our dress or garment look beautiful and sensuous.

Cap Embroidery Placements

Nowadays it’s very common to see Cap Embroidery getting famous. So many people are using various different kinds of caps. It is considered a necessary accessory as it helps us in protecting from direct sun light and strong sun rays. In the present day scenario wearing a cap is considered to be fashionable. Because of this, so many new different companies have launched a cap segment in the market and are earning huge profits by selling all kinds of caps. With the help of embroidery work’s popularity, that nowadays many people are getting their caps embroidered and making their caps look unique and different. Due to this so many people have now started buying only embroidered caps. This can also be pointed out as a new business strategy, to earn good amount of profit in a very short time.

People dealing in cap selling are now, because of embroidered caps gaining more popularity are placing more bulk orders for these embroidered caps. Huge banners are being posted everywhere in markets, shopping malls, roadside etc to publicize the newly found fashion craze. Finally, increasing the overall cap business in a very short time period. Some of the highly famed fashion houses too have started dealing in this new fashion craze.

Cap embroidery is already quite famous in other parts of the world. If you happen to visit any shopping mall, you shall be amazed to see the vast variety of caps which are available in market, majority of people opting for an embroidered cap. Some people even first buy a normal plain cap and then give it to a craftsman, to get the motif or some logo embroidered on the cap as per their choice. Either keeping it for themselves or sometimes they gift it to some close friend or relative.

The following are the main four tips for cap digitizing:

  • When digitizing for caps, always stay known where the joint lies in the design and for extra support run extra underlay besides the joint.
  • Cap digitizes the foot up to avoid locking while the design is being completed.
  • Whenever digitizing for reasonable caps, always keep in mind that this field is extremely smaller as compared to the caps with custom embroidery and designing.
  • When digitizing, we are supposed to start from the middle if it’s possible without any problem.

Side Cap Embroidery Placements

A Side cap is a cap which can be folded and is generally worn by military personals. It is folded from sides and is a bit creased as well as hollowed from overhead sloping towards the rear exactly where it is really parted. In US it is quite famous and popularly known an a Garrison Cap or even a Wedge Cap in Canada or officially its even sometimes called Field Service Cap in places like UK and few other commonwealth countries. But in general language it is famous as Side Cap amongst the general public. This design of cap is said to be originated from the Austrian Cap in the early 1890’s. It also has an older version design, and it used to be called Torin, which appeared a little curvier from the overhead area, when viewed from side angle. Both the versions had a fold down section for keeping the ears warm in winters and the back of head in bad cold weather. To our surprise both these old styles of side cap are still being used by the military personal of the British regiments and is even compulsory to wear.

Left Chest Embroidery Placements

The increase in the work of left chest has in a way opened up a new job opportunity by which many people around the world shall benefit. Many companies possessing latest state of the art equipments in embroidery digitizing and also the equipments which are famous due to their highly creative designers, craftsman, digitizers are offering the good quality and accuracy the left chest digitizing that too with a fast turnover.

Sleeve Embroidery Placements

A Sleeve is an important part of any given dress or garment, which if done nicely can add great elegance to the finished dress. The part of the dress which covers our arm or even the part of dress through we pass our arm till shoulder is generally known as sleeve. The style of the sleeve matters a lot, as it forms one of the unforgettable feature of a stylish fashion dress. It has undergone many drastic changes as per different cultures, time periods and even sometimes depending upon the person. Still we can, all due to fashion industry see and wear the early designs of sleeve,some in the form of some kind of religious robes or even academic gowns. In few countries like Japan and China, still the long sleeve is worn fashionably and even gets lots of praise. It’s still being sometimes used as a big long pocket, to hide things. The length of sleeve varies from shoulder to the palm.

There are many different known types of sleeves, some of them are Angel sleeve, Batwing sleeve, Bell sleeve, Butterfly sleeve, Cap sleeve, Bishop Sleeve, Kimono sleeve, puffed sleeve, ¼ length sleeves, ¾ length sleeve.

Jacket Back Embroidery Placements

A team of highly qualified and with huge experience is needed for going the work of Jacket Back Digitizing. They should also be expert in Photoshop otherwise the end result won’t be so perfect and likable. With the help of Photoshop they will be able to retouch the designs and improve as per customers expectations. Sometimes there are some designs which we have or have got designed from some designer but due to lack of time are not able to do it ourselves, then arises the need of such people. Even if we want to convert any two designs into one design or if we wish to just use some part of design, this work too can easily be done. All these problems can be solved with the help of sky digitizing. With the help of sky digitizing any design can be converted into vector base sculptor, so that it can be easily used in all types of creations like brochure printing, nameplates, jacket back digitizing, stitching, embroidery, t-shirts, floor plans, window designing and plans, different transfers just to name a few.

With the help of sky digitizing, the designs shall look more appealing, fresh and of high resolutions for any t-shirt, not even caring whether it was in dot colors or it’s a 100% natural real picture.

Gloves Embroidery Placements

Gloves show great antiqueness. It is a part of dress, which is worn covering the whole hand or even sometimes just the palm. It has separate, openings for all fingers of our hand i.e. one for thumb and the rest four for other four fingers. There are many different types of gloves being used. If there are openings but it’s not covering our fingers fully, this type of glove is known as fingerless glove. This kind of fingerless glove on the other hand if have one big opening instead of one for each finger, are also commonly known as gauntlets. The kind of gloves which covers our hand fully and our all four fingers but are without separate opening for fingers are known as mittens. Mittens are generally very warm as compared to the normal gloves. The main reason behind this is that though mittens also are of the same material as the gloves are but fingers help in maintaining the warmth in a much better way as they are in touch with each other.

Gloves most importantly protect our hand from all kinds of severity, like extreme cold or excessive heat, scars caused by continuous friction, different infections, when using chemicals, acids, even protect from paints and from many other such things which our naked bare hands should avoid coming in contact with. Gloves are made generally from leather, different clothes, wool, sometimes even metal. Latex or vinyl made gloves is generally used by doctors, beauticians and other health related professionals.

Towel Embroidery Placements

A towel is a part of any absorbing paper or fabric, generally used for drying purposes. It can remove moisture and is commonly used by rubbing over the surface which we want moisture free. Nowadays even towels are being designed by famous designers. There is a different size and style of towel for every kind of need. Towels are available in all possible shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Gone are the days when they used to be simple rectangular piece of a little fabric. At present in the world of digitization, how can towels be left behind. They are also in the market with all types of designs; nowadays even embroidered towels are a big craze