Embroidery Needles

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Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Needles Style to the Direction

Embroidery Needles StylesEmbroidery Needles or common needles come in different shapes and sizes, all serving almost the same purpose however different because of some minuscule differences which mean a lot in the overall process of embroidery or sewing, sharp needles to penetrate the fabric with small holes, best for heavy fabrics to universal needle which are sharp enough to work on almost any fabric without cutting through the fabric like the sharp needle.

One specific sort of needles used for embroidering, using the embroidery machines, is known as embroidery needles. These needles are almost like the universal machine embroidery needles, crafted specifically to be mounted onto the embroidery machines, to sew designs on every sort of fabric and are to be used with regular rayon and polyester embroidery threads.

Machine Embroidery NeedlesEmbroidery needle has a longer and thicker eye (the hole located on the lower half of the needle, through which thread is channeled) than the universal needle to protect the embroidery thread as it swiftly goes in and out of the fabric during the embroidery process. The design of the needle itself is different than just the eye; it has a rounded point like a universal needle but with a deep scarf on the front/ flat side of the machine needle (which is usually on the back), which also helps to protect the thread from the grating and rupturing.

Although embroidery needle is usable on many different fabric types, embroidery may choose to use different needle type, all dependent on their personal preference. Still, there are needles exclusively for specific clothes or threads such as leather needle used to sew and embroider on leather only and metallic needle which is used for designs requiring metallic threads. The quality of the needle used is highly important and the difference can be observed between the cheap and higher end options but the newly introduced titanium embroidery machine needle is considered as the ultimate best among the embroiderers of today.

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