Embroidery Digitizing Services for Different Type of Fabric

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Embroidery Digitizing Services for Different Type of Fabric

Embroidery Digitizing Services for Different Type of Fabric

Here are some helpful details about how a digitizer turn your logo according to any types of fabric by their embroidery digitizing services.

Embroidery digitizing has made machine embroidery a very simple task that you just have to select a design, and then make its digital file and plug it onto embroidery machine. Hoop your desirable fabric into machine and sew it. If you are looking forward to make exceptional and unique garments with supple and soft embroidery designs, there are many other things that you are needed to know because Types of Fabric Effect Embroidery Digitizing. Therefore, you have to give importance to your fabric when digitizing your embroidery design.

You can Digitize Your Embroidery Designs on Any Fabric including cotton, silk, wool etc. to produce well suited embroidery for your fabric that does not gather on fabric neither it changes drape of fabric is comprised of many essential factors. Well-tuned embroidery machine, appropriate needle and bobbin tensions, well-positioned and well-prepared embroidered design, right thread and needle selection and most important, good understanding of fabric for embroidery project along with proper stabilization and hooping techniques are some of them.

You should choose those fabric and design that are compatible with each other for making your garment embroidery flawless and beautiful. How to Choose Best-Suited Fabric for Digitized Embroidery Design is answered here by DigitEMB. Be careful about the stitch density of your embroidery design as it can change the hand of the fabric. You should also take care of texture, weight and color of the fabric for your embroidery project as it influence the overall look of your design. Thread color variations can also give you a good blend of fabric and design. Also consider different types of designs for your fabric and vice-versa.

Effect of Fabric Type on Digitized Embroidery Designs:

Fabric Type Affects Digitized Embroidery Designs greatly. When the same embroidered logo is sewed on different types of fabric, it will look totally different. How the stitches will hold up next to each other on the fabric is all dependent on weight, thickness, weave and content of the fabric. Therefore, it is important for the digitizer and embroiderer to know about the type of the material of fabric that he/she will going to sew.

Embroidery designs look better on stronger fabrics including caps, hats, canvas, twill, outerwear, duffel bags etc. too much of underlay fill stitches are not required to embroidery the digitized design on these fabrics to maintain the integrity of design that decrease stitch count. Flimsy and soft fabrics have different digitizing approach and require more underlay stitches for stabilization of the embroidered design. Examples include dry fit fabric, silk, soft pima cotton, rayon etc. the small detail of a custom embroidery design gets hidden by high pile and thick fabrics, therefore modification is required in the designs to work well. Solvy topping is used in such material including beach and bath towels, terry cloth, polar fleece, Hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, fleece etc.

DigitEMB provides Embroidery Digitizing for All Fabric Types for our clients for many years. When you are requesting an embroidery quote or placing an order, just let us know the fabric type of project. Depending on what fabric we are sewing on, we digitize all logos for the best embroidery ever.

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