Embroidery Digitizing Goes Mainstream

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Embroidery Digitizing Goes Mainstream

Embroidery Digitizing Goes Mainstream

Embroidery Digitizing Goes MainstreamEmbroidery Digitizing, which was considered more of a hobby, a craftwork, just a few years back,  has grown in prominence and has become a much more developed and technologically advanced method of design enhancing medium. Be it for adding depth to the garment, adding company logos or even serving as a base for the design to be used in a fashionable way, the importance of the embroidery digitizing is impossible to ignore.

A few of these services available to make the magic of modern embroidery digitizing are;
Apparel digitizing:
Be it for caps, jackets, polo or any other article of clothing, embroidery has always been a prominent feature and was usually considered as being more of a luxury. With the newest available technology, this form of digital embroidery has become a mainstream mainstay and is readily available for the consumers to use, be it buying embroidery designs online and then sewing onto the garments or designing the end result with such embroidery as an element in mind.

Puff Embroidery:
Moving a bit forward and into the types of digital embroidery, one most famous example and widely used method is Puff Embroidery. To give embroidery digitizing the next push and add more definition and dimensions to the embroidery itself, 3D/Craft foam is placed on the topside of the pattern and stitched over to give the embroidery, the 3D look desired. This form of embroidery can be seen on caps and bags usually. Even brands like Nike and famous fashion houses use this embroidery digitizing technique to show their creativity and distinguish their brand image.

With the idea of mainstream and fashion in mind, the word ‘Applique’ feels justifiable to be discussed. Applique itself means to stitch a piece of fabric onto another piece of fabric however with embroidery digitizing becoming the norm now, applique is now created using the latest technology to enhance the final look by providing applique patches to be readily sewn or patched onto already created designs.

This is all on the topic of ‘Embroidery digitizing going Mainstream’ for now, stay tuned for more interesting topics.

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